New review: Comrade detective 11.10.2017

The series bills itself as coming from the pen of the Romanian Communist detective during the cold war. And I can say, the main novelty of this creation are just the same gags over the relations of the capitalist, corrupt and disgusting-hypocritical of the West, as well as honest, selfless country as the Paradise of the USSR. It is recognized that the creators of the series finally found that fine line in humorous balance, there is no inappropriate and flat jokes, and all the types of the characters as if descended from the screen kopsky classic TV series of the 80s, but on idealistic Soviet way.

Detectives Gregor angel and Nikita Ionesco was once the best of friends and companions, as long as the evil imperialistic bastard killed him, and now his partner have to find the culprit and along the way to prove the superiority of the Communist regime (classic set for hard-boiled COP). To the angel companions crammed forgotten comrade Nikita Joseph Baciu, odnokomnatnoj and loyal friend with whom they conquered the world of Olympia to fight, after the Soviet Union live only the strong and fully developed personality. Gregor angel recently quit drinking and it is now ordered at the bars only a double vodka, a bad character and temper, a typical super bad COP, ready to do anything to punish the capitalist thing and find not a rat, saboteur, entrenched in the ranks of the valiant militia, because traitors in the ranks of the servants of the order could not be, the police — this is one close-knit and happy family, ready to cut the throat of anyone who would think to desecrate the valiant countenance of a policeman. Joseph Baciu provincial and diligent detective, who used to do everything according to instructions, because he strongly believes in the ideals of the Communist system, the nature of soft, married.

I hope that after my description you will understand all the stylistic feature of this masterpiece. The series is Packed with sarcasm and black irony about the pseudo-idealistic propaganda of those years. An incredible number of phrases from time to time sounding like thunder from a clear sky and make you smile anyone. Well, actually, Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are the voices of the translation of this allegedly almost lost in the annals of history, masterwork.

The series is recommended for all who long for naive and yet so loved by the heart of the detective serials of 80-90s, as well as those who are ready to feel the power of the Communist ideal system ever available.

8 out of 10

New review: Comrade detective 11.10.2017

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