New review: conscientious objector 29.07.2017

The film, based on real events, it is difficult to assess. Me personally. After all, they show someone’s life or events from it, usually tragic. These events are followed by strong emotional experiences, difficult decisions. Typically, they are trying to convey to us the Directors-turned-biography. But in the film, “For reasons of conscience” something went wrong. And I, for some reason, have not experienced any delight from seen (in General, probably, it would be strange to admire a film on military subjects, in which there is violence and death), but nothing negative about this picture I can not say.

High ratings and awards availability is not surprising — now the film is efficiently shot, and even on military subjects, and even biography, somehow, the nomination will receive. This is a bit sad because, if I think about it, patriotism is in the lead over objectivity. Perhaps Oscar has become obsolete, for now the nominations and awards are highly controversial candidates (due to the current universal tolerance). But in the case of this film there is no “whether” should not be — not in this film, nothing controversial, what I should wrestle, so it’s probably just “feed”. Or rather how to perceive it. Because for someone bold enough and realistic portrayal of military action, beautiful actors and patriotism in every action. And someone more important to understand what the main character, his feelings, the cause of his actions. Here I have considered only some small hints to the delineation of the feelings of HS, but pathos and some, perhaps, of hills, much more.

This write-up neutral, even as my relationship to this film. Alas, nothing more to squeeze out of myself, I can’t. And I don’t understand why I was so indifferent to him.

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that “For reasons of conscience” — a film for everybody. However, personally in my understanding, “film Amateur” and “military biography” are incompatible concepts.

6 out of 10

I hope this review will help those who like me did not appreciate this tape, to understand their experiences and to dot the “I”.

New review: conscientious objector 29.07.2017

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