New review: convict the Innocent 06.10.2017

A smart film. Loved it. Saw him for the first time, I had not particularly paid attention to movies by Ajay Devgan, is not very I liked him (until I watched the films “Forever yours”, “the foundling”, “major”, Oh, how he’s played is incredible. Captivated at first sight. Wept bitterly. Bravo. Now interested in his work, reviewing films with his participation). Today stumbled upon this movie, read the description, interested, looked, liked. He is young there is still, pretty. What a sight, what emotions, what passions, not worse than most of Shah Rukh Khanna. And in the scenes of fights, simply irresistible. The role of Raju, one of his best roles. Oh, how good it is here. Ajay Devgan was I like last time. Impresses with its incredible charm and talent. Bravo!

Mohnish of Buhl, as usual, played the villain. Incredible actor. Handsome with an angelic appearance, but, under the guise of an angel hides a real devil. Just a fiend. Pleased and Paresh Raval in the dual role of twin brothers. Nothing good to say. I liked this film.

Truly it does not try to separate the siblings, the call of the blood will return to their seats, the brotherly bond is unbreakable and blood will unite the brothers once again. And then do not envy those who ruined their lives. Kara befall each villain, and Kara, this is truly terrible.

Super! The film “convict the Innocent” filmed by the famous Director ‘ 90s Deepak by Pavard takes pride of place in the film industry of India of the late 20th century. The actors are great, the music is unique, incendiary dances. Remains in the memory. Start watching this film you will plunge into a realistic, fascinating and incredible life story of the two brothers. Excellent and thoughtful conversations, gorgeous scenery, and professional work of the writers, Director and actors will not leave anyone indifferent. I guarantee, it will be interesting. Deserves the highest praise. Watch and enjoy.

10 out of 10

New review: convict the Innocent 06.10.2017

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