New review: Crazy 29.09.2017

Somewhere in the Bosnia squad of brave Navy seals going home after a sensational operation, including unplanned use of the tank in the capital. And right before it gets the information about the Nazi gold in the local lake.

The movie promised a second “a-Team”, no less. Or, at least, the “Three kings”. But the reality was not so rosy, the movie is flat and one-dimensional b-ESCA in which there is no entertainment of the first film and not a drama — in principle. And where unbearable pathos tells us that the peacemakers are actually angels without a halo, but sometimes I like to drink and fight. Very annoying.

But if allergic to Nimba, you do not have the movie it is possible to spend time. First, there is an absolutely gorgeous John. K. Simmons, who Napalm burns all of his ten minutes on screen. A couple of very cool action scenes (especially duel of the helicopter with a fighter) and very good underwater filming in the flooded city. The more treasure that they are looking for under the water and lifted to the surface, almost a third of the film, sometimes even under enemy fire, imagine how all that difficult to remove it. Organization of raising treasure from the lake bottom is also interesting from a technical point of view is actually a ready guide for having access to military equipment:) the boys in the cast again beautiful, there is someone to admire.

In General, if that can be a good time.

New review: Crazy 29.09.2017

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