New review: Criminal activity 26.07.2017

Several former classmates meet again. But not so notably fun and post the Motel room. No, the sadness was overcome yesterday classmates, and now men, the wolf of their pack gave up the Ghost. So the vaults of the Catholic Church will place a good meeting. However, our heroes are young sharks of his generation, successful shorter guys. The upcoming funeral is more like a check mark in the list the service tasks of the successful yuppie. The past memory mourning, seated on the shoulders of the dreams of a business dinner with my future beloved. The thing is that a funeral is the place where bony will able to anestis a lot people diverse. Here’s the funeral first retired into the country of eternal hunting can not do without a visit. Like to pay tribute to the former fear of humiliation, hunted the guy at the back Desk” materialized at the funeral. A further pastime in challenge after zagrozenia coffin in smell moves in a purely business meeting. In the back seat under a pair of medicinal marijuana. Successful business men discuss business matters. Network marketing leads forward our motley flock. The success of converted through the advice of former victims which, even years later. Feel, the former, mocking superiority.

And while the guys laughed, sitting comfortably on expensive leather, snake-Piper sarcastically smiled eyes full of hatred stared at the drugged kings of his time. Driving the saliva on the teeth sharpened. Modeled carefully plan for revenge. But, not so simple. The story with in the first act death, by definition, must and will have a lot of unexpected aces. Criminal scenario of the upcoming situations are unclear, as the near future, a prosperous future for the main characters. Because the dialogues are delayed, speech squirm and shed blood, not immortal Quentin, but delivers a reasonable amount of blade-verbal expressions in the segments of screen time.

Jackie Earle Haley, with his charisma, drunken Irish thugs hooked on heroin in his native Dublin. So he stood before me in the “Keepers”, (when the mask fell from Rorschach), meanwhile, Haley is not bad and comical the role and adaptations of the graphic novels, and, suddenly, early, AB, his mother, Pyun. And all this Jackie is not bad, except the lousy remake of “a Nightmare on elm street”. Meanwhile as a person is very outstanding, directs his advertising Studio to positions of the gene. Director. Successfully sculpt commercials, advertising, and good living, exploiting the image of the Rorschach, (the Convention has not been canceled of the Lord.) So in 2015 Jackie decided finally to make his debut in a feature film, said the budget seven Lyamov, and began to implement the criminal history with participation of stars of a modern, well then, maybe now, star Michael peat, and the cherry on the cake, stamped in the face of John Travolta.

Seasoned debutant contained in your child all logical plot twists, crime films in recent years. Brought up their child in the best traditions of the “Pope-Tarantino” lovingly filed a child in the dust for nostalgia crime-Noir of the past years, decades. The film is not particularly something applying, you can consider different plans. A Handbook on the topic of ” Not all transactions are equally useful?”. Travolta sits tillage. His face is a monolith frozen in an eternal smile over the situation, burning charisma, expensive suits, Italian manufacturers reinforce it at times. The plot dabriwala mandatory spicy seasoning to the main dish. Gift number one is well served to the audience the cautionary tale of crime. To be rather, it is a detailed guide to climbing into debt with all the consequences. Unaware yesterday the guys from a prestigious College that some of the floats they just do not digest. And it compresses their stomachs, forcing the face-Monolit brother-Travolta spread in a winning smile. The crime of a lie, but with a hint of an interesting interchange, Earl Haley releases to the city of the beast with a nice full visual level, talents Travoltino, and the company. Proudly a patron’s directorial debut, not opening the massive paws of the experience of new doors, but having a clearly stated, stylistic coat colour. Jackie settled another inhabitant of the alleys, in the doghouse style tabloid crime a new era has arrived. The legend of misconduct, firmly based on cold, claws of vengeance.

New review: Criminal activity 26.07.2017

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