New review: Crimson peak 27.09.2017

To begin with, what movie I watched in the cinema and pre-read the reviews, so knew what was going on. Nevertheless, I do not want to criticize the picture, on the contrary, I periodically review.

The plot is simple, as befits the Gothic prose. I read a lot of works in this genre and all of them are simple scene composition. Here are all categorical, CLOSEOPEN and not distract from the main thing. And most importantly in these stories — gloomy, oppressive Gothic atmosphere. And she managed the team to glory. Picture — above all praise, the visual side is on top.

The presence in the film Helstone could not please all fallen victim to the bottomless eyes of Loki and discharge the same fallen don’t even much mind what he plays, in fact, again Loki with a look of a lost kitten, not had time to change into “normal clothes”. Gauged it turned out to be unconvincing, in fact as in the case of Loki, but if you think that Thomas Sharpe is not so much a reptile, how much a wuss going on about the dominant sister, so that’s exactly the kind of hero Tom really is such a pushover, which he presented to the viewer.

MIA Wasikowska in my opinion do not fit the role of the protagonist. In good times actress of her caliber come on the scene with the words “dinner is served”. It has no outer beauty, no raisins, which is the beauty of the compensated nor electric charge. God knows why it was this role and what it found Thomas, but the latter at least had a motive in the form of inheritance. What were the motives of the film the mystery!

Of course the decoration of the film was Lucille. It was praised not only lazy, so we can only agree and exclaim in admiration. Really gorgeous, colorful and realistic in his madness, the character, the role, the actress failed on all 5 points.

Well, the house! The house, of course, scary-beautiful, luxurious-goth and everything, but it see 1.

In General this movie you need to watch if you a) are crazy about the genre of the Gothic novel, b) are crazy about Gothic Loki, in) just a fan mock and prefer black humor. In other cases, not recommend it — disappointment is inevitable!

New review: Crimson peak 27.09.2017

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