New review: Crocodile 31.07.2017

From the experience of Kim Ki Duk I wanted to write a review for one of his masterpieces, but to write it on Arthouse, not quite a simple task, and the Korean Arthouse, so in General — very difficult.

But, no harm in trying :

Kim Ki-Duk, is probably the most famous not standard Director Asia, and among Korean — one of the two most-most. The Director, their techniques, wowed the audience and on the eyelids won the sympathy of the critics that even after the disputed projects continue to extol him.

Since I had already read his work further, it is easily noticed brand chips Director — not the most obvious of metaphors, to the camera angles that wouldn’t dare to use other artists. His first film is full of all those, that loved him and continue to love.

The film, for me personally, it seemed a new version of “Hanyo/the Housemaid” in 1960, Director Kim Ki-Yong, but without the demon-girl that brings trouble, but a woman-angel, but also brings trouble.

I may be wrong, but I thought the main idea of the film is the fall of men involved with a woman (hence the comparison with the Servant girl), and everything else is just addition without which this film would not have been Kim Ki Duka.

Briefly, I note that actors, like all the rest of the film matched perfectly and play as it should! Also liked the musical accompaniment that evoked some nostalgia.

New review: Crocodile 31.07.2017

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