New review: Cursed. The opposition 11.10.2017

Create kentrosaurus where their heads collide classic villains, is not new: in 2003 year on the screens released tape “Freddy vs Jason”, where the fight entered the canonical mystical maniacs Krueger and Voorhees; a year later, the world had the opportunity to witness the battle alien monsters in the blockbuster “Alien vs. Predator”. And here if to ask “What are the most famous Japanese horror movies?”, the knowledgeable person without hesitation will pronounce about “call” and “Curse.” Both of them have turned into long-running franchises, has acquired the American “cousins”, so why not make their Cenobite? At first this statement sounded like a joke, but after interest in the idea began to grow like a snowball, the case remained for small: to take and produce the crossover.

For writing the script came from Takashi Shimizu, the author of “the Curse.” It somewhat gave reason to expect from the film something original, not this lamentable, that recently showed a new part of the franchise “Curse” and “the call.” Looking slightly ahead, I have to say that the optimistic expectations did not have to come true. And directing the crossover came from koji Shiraishi, one of many representatives of the Japanese school of rotten tomatoes. He, by the way, a record listed the film “the Curse”, but nothing to tapes from Takashi Shimizu, he has! If we add to this that the fifth and sixth film of the series “the call” why you have to be called at the whim of our distributors as the “3D Curse”, it is very easy to get confused. Well to our “eagles-adaptatoram” add words to the lexicon, then such confusion in the names, you see, will not.

What do we have in the horror film “Cursed. Confrontation”? Well, first, no horror themselves. There is, of course, that the filmmakers something they tried to scare us all, but from past fear in both franchises there was only a barely noticeable trail. Secondly, the film is catastrophically not lucky with the actors who failed to properly represent their heroes. That only is obsessed with the myth of the existence of the “cursed tape” Professor, who decided that he knows how to send the evil spirit Sadako in Hell. So it was expressionless that was the impression that you are not the actor, but the man in the street found the “genius” of ed wood. The same applies to the exorcist and psychics. Well girls, which were pursued by mad demons, like a horror mask wearing, relied on their own facial expressions and articulation. Thirdly, the most anticipated moment of the film was supposed to be a fight Kayako and Sadako. She was short, chaotic and even confused, the visuals summed up the “Damned. The confrontation,” so unnatural they looked. In General, in the climax of the film was expected “BOOM”, but got “ZILCH”. And, of course, can not ignore the fact that somehow, Sadako decided to kill not 7 days, as is always the case, and after 2. Probably VHS, no one was watching, so hungry for more death the girl from the well.

In General, the calculation of the creators of “the Damned. Confrontation” is obvious: all at the request of the audience, and there, maybe some money would be cut. But that’s just bitterly disappointed fans of the horror movie “the Curse” and “call” the creators of the crossover. I had a comic statement and leave, and not to bring the idea to life. Or at least wait for when the viewer has missed for Kayako and Sadako, Yes, I would have prepared the script, casting and the setting more thoroughly and everything happened better. And only:

3 out of 10

New review: Cursed. The opposition 11.10.2017

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