New review: Deadly ultraviolet radiation 29.06.2017

The middle ultraviolet range is often called “black light”, as it is not recognized by the human eye. Radiation in this range is absorbed by the atmosphere is weak, therefore, radiation reaching the Earth’s surface largely contains near ultraviolet

Inexplicably translated as “Killer ultraviolet”. Relying on a not very quick-witted audience probably) the Original — “Ultraviolet”.

So, what has the power of radiation with all its power and danger is hidden. Saw only the bright light of the sun and beauty which it lights. The beauty of luxury living on the beach, select company, separate from the rest of the world on his island.

Decent like people) And shelter and food and clothing give. Only strains their credulity. Strains of only one man, the one who has initially to do with their circle. How can a stranger is wrong to believe that even having no idea who he is, knowing that he and documents with me, to trust him to go to sea on a boat with his grandchildren. What naive gullible people living in his Kingdom. How did they manage to protect their Kingdom, to protect it.

All put in place invisible side — ultraviolet light. As soon as there is only a hint that the stranger may not even be a risk, just an unpleasant surprise, it’ll just kill. Will not work the first time, kill at the second attempt. “Welcome to the family”.

The movie is great!

New review: Deadly ultraviolet radiation 29.06.2017

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