New review: Death on the network 29.09.2017

Movie in its genre a relatively neutral, but passing, as the saying goes at times. To review I would not have been accurate. Bland and rather dull.

The idea is clear, the execution as usual. Claim to main character of the film, and more specifically, to the actress. When not necessary — she’s just overreacting and nadigram. Seems that the actress herself decided to play her well or “leave me alone”.

Standard set: the victim/offender. The plot, which is almost at the beginning of the movie, dramatically interrupted by the appearance of some girls chatting. Already there is clear. Ghosts? Demons or rogues know? Well, no, it is easier.

Most of the time is given to chat — project heroine, and that’s understandable. Pretty boring but the action happens on the screen most of the movie.

However, when the girl falls into the clutches of a maniac wakes up an interest. Maybe something new or unusual? But I wasn’t.

In the end, there is a average movie, without much concentration and acting. Invented though the legend poodleville and interesting. And maniac effective filed. Not at all. Not very interesting movie.

New review: Death on the network 29.09.2017

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