New review: death race 29.09.2017

Jason Statham once again proves to us that he is the best in the business. And this film is no exception. Death race is not a race for prizes is a race for survival that takes place in 3 stages in prison, Terminus island. Won and you’re free, everyone thinks so, but it was not there. Its impossible to win and our hero knows this.

Take a walk on order.

The film is set in the US in 2012. The country was plunged into chaos. Unemployment rose to a high of limits as the level of crime. Show death Race, which takes place in prison is the most popular in the US and the ratings increased to the limit.

And so our hero goes to prison for what he did and he has to race to survive, and then to break free.

About the atmosphere, very dynamic film, with gunshots, explosions and fights. The special effects are just right for the theme of the film.

The cast of matched perfectly. Gunner Joe performed by Tyreese Gibson just this role.

A few words about the Director of this movie is Paul Anderson.

He can make movies, be it action or horror, he is always on top.

Whether it’s a horror movie or a drama he always got a Bang!

The film is very interesting, dynamic and keeps the tension all of 2 hours. And no matter how much was removed, he shot efficiently and cons here I have not found. All at the highest level! I also want to note that this film was involved in the stunt, because the stunts are very dangerous and should be performed only by professionals.

9 out of 10

New review: death race 29.09.2017

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