New review: Death sentence 25.06.2017

What happens if the night in the winter woods accidentally cross the road a pack of wolves? Most likely nothing good. There are all chances to survive until dawn.

Here something similar happened with the main character of the movie “Death sentence”. The wolves, however, got a two-legged, tattoos, and living “by the rules”. Yes, and the meeting took place not in the forest, and at the gas station in bedraggled ghetto.

Trivial, it would seem that the story of the vengeance of the random hero gang scum in the end is not slipping into a set of platitudes. Everything seems easy and simple, but at desire it is possible to see severe social problems. In the end, even the frostbitten pals in this film has their own motivation. To empathize with her, of course, do not want to, but I understand them perfectly.

Here and about the relationship of fathers with children, and here about the collision of two Americas. One prosperous lives measured life of a typical “middle class,” the other wolf, lives in garages and under bridges, and at night comes out to hunt human game. It has its own rules, habits, their rituals. But it would be better, prosperous America does not overlap with the “wolf”. For the sake of their own safety.

Not randomly of course so contrasted. Here’s a clean street of downtown and the main character in a suit with a tie. And in the next frame he has already saved from the angry thugs in some filthy alley, which is literally two steps away from tidy offices. Concrete jungle as they are. Scene “pen production” in the Parking lot, taken one long plan, a separate aesthetic joy. The voltage will be even more abruptly than the ending of Carlito’s Way.

To be killer or to be a victim — the choice of the common man, which has faced lawlessness. Yesterday, he, like everyone, believed in certain rules of life. But as it turned out, the collision with the world of the predators, they work little. Well, you can still hope for justice, but it clearly showed what I wanted to turn these ordinary people and their idea of justice.

Kevin bacon, perhaps the biggest find of this film. In the image of his hero, of course, you can find a lot of similarities with other characters — whether it’s “Max Payne”, “Taxi driver” by Martin Scorsese. Authors in General are not shy to draw Parallels with the character de Niro, when the final shave your character bald and release against the bandits. But nevertheless plays its role of “grazers”, which went on the hunt, bacon perfectly.

Action scenes can look a little strained, however, and they work very well on the atmosphere. In the end, James WAN was able to show a simple, but very brutal and at the same time aesthetically pleasing movie.

New review: Death sentence 25.06.2017

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