New review: Deity 30.09.2017

Uhhh, what a gorgeous movie! Just shook me again (watch it already 10 times since 1998). My favorite Mithun of Chakraborty simply inimitable. Such roles, he was particularly good at. And here in the story, some worship him, others curse him. As it is the poor man suffered the entire film of lost love, as in pain, just to tears penetrate. The role of Balu-tiger is one of my favorites of his roles. With a mustache he’s incredibly good, from such a grown-up looks.

And his duet with Aditya, Pancholi just gorgeous. They are either friends or enemies. Aditya really liked here, in the role of the police in the form it is simply irresistible. Positive role fit for him, more negative, in my opinion, even though he has them (the role of the positive) and quite a bit. And yet here he is good.

Jagdish A. Sharma — Director of this feature films, one of the best Directors of India of the late 90’s early 2000-ies. They lifted not a few well-known films, including with Chakraborty of Mithun in the lead roles. Many viewers favorite movie genre action, displayed this wonderful picture in many aspects, and it is hard not to notice the excellent script and the excellent work of the main actors. And the cast is really good. In addition to the main two main characters of the film, there just filmed it and is very well-known actors of those years, as Payal Malhotra, Mushtaq Khan, Kiran Kumar and Arun Bakshi.

In General, the film is excellent. Filmed in the best traditions of Indian cinema. Will appeal to all fans of Mithun Chakraborty and the movie.

10 out of 10

New review: Deity 30.09.2017

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