New review: Demon inside 18.10.2017

Overall impression: terrible Horror (forgive the tautology). A very effective horror came from Norwegian Director Andre Overdale. He was inspired to make a horror film after attending a screening of the film “the Spell”. See much on it the film made an impression! Penetrating your spirit and makes you a beauty in your world and not come out until this nightmare on the screen over.

BUT! To watch it isbecause the horrors of really high quality! With the growing music, shimmering light, the weather is still being weird, strange woman and 2 fearless pathologists. Why fearless? The first time I see such spirited characters. Here Sanchez word! Seen stupid (especially when the hero goes to see what’s in there behind the door, and when the idea needs to get away!) Saw a strange (when the hero is faced with the horror, but for some reason doesn’t go away, but rather wants to get acquainted with the horror). Saw a clever (but then eaten, killed, etc). But these fearless guys come across for the first time! If any normal person on them together, would run so that heels sparkled!

To the story, well-researched script with a creepy atmosphere and Boo-moments. The storyline itself is revealed gradually. Including this film, I looked at the duration: Pfff… what is there to show for 1,20? And is still as (well if competently approach!) Having 2 pathologists that movie become real detectives, the Director made a mystery! The heroes are trying to figure out what was wrong with the girl, and secrets abound in it! And that’s kind of living we should fear, not the dead, and rationally understand all of head that it is necessary to shake from the morgue, but unfortunately not get out.

We got a mighty detective that the timing goes to mystical horror. The camera work is excellent — shots, the light, the shading! Top class! The actors play to the maximum, I just said that I love the game 1-2 actors. Well then it is possible to follow the behavior of the character. Well, the work itself pathologists (I hate that word) a detailed disclosure, for what becomes interesting. The pattern holds in suspense the whole storyline. In the film there is drama, what makes a horror movie even better (discharge brain needed!) Now in our time in the cinema which only horror you will find, but realize that was terribly interesting, it is not every film can boast. One disappointed, the mystery girl remained a mystery.

Want to tickle your nerves? Want to be terrified by what is happening on the screen? Want to close her eyes? Then see this tape!

PS Theme with a bell wildly like it was scary.

New review: Demon inside 18.10.2017

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