New review: Despicable me 2 27.07.2017

GRU calmly his life lived,
But the evil El Macho’s evil plotting

After meeting Agnes, Margo and Edith, GRU has changed, he’s not a villain, but still super, but rather superdad willing to educate their daughters that are not his kin by blood, but this is only a tiny Convention, because our pointy for them even pulled the costume (fairies). Meanwhile, life on the planet is boiling, and if GRU is not a villain, that according to the unwritten rules, its place is taken by the mysterious El Macho. The enemy this time is very strong. And newly minted daddy doesn’t want to enter into confrontation with a new enemy. Of course, the hackneyed clichés, when the Land will be in danger, strong paternal instincts a little shaken, a little. So Yes, in this chronology of events, GRU comes into the fight with evil, and this plot element adds to the narrative of wholeness.

Deprived of the lion’s share of the emotional tension (it certainly was in the first cartoon), “Despicable me 2” has become a more prominent project, and it’s not about the new color of the minions in another case — tape is a colorful their events, excellent dynamics, new ideas in the field of humorous content, and the introduction of new characters. Thus, the sequel is not far behind his brother, and elegantly complements it. You can safely render a verdict that the creators of the first part with trepidation treated to the sequel, yeah, they took a risk, but the risk was justified, for example the idea of the AVL (Anti-villainous League) was one of the most successful ideas, as well as the introduction in the history of man for Margo, to watch the development of these curious episodes, and they did not make notes of boredom, and all the gaps Grew closes his charisma.

Yes, there is a perception “not a sequel, it is a failure” and nothing from “Despicable me 2”. If you are still tormented by doubts about browsing, feel free to leave them behind, “Despicable me 2” is not without light blemishes, but a great continuation of the first part, and the main characters have paid no small amount of time, while adding new ones. Of place Dr. Nefario, to the place of Agnes, Margo and Edith, the place El Macho, place chicken (no kidding), once there are no heroes, well, GRU is not a villain, but still great!

New review: Despicable me 2 27.07.2017

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