New review: Despicable me 3 29.06.2017

June 2017 was rich in trikvela popular cartoons. Recently trikvel “Cars” broke worldwide, and on the screen comes “Despicable me 3” from “Illumination”.

And you well remember what happened in the previous two parts of “Despicable me”? Remember that franchise so many people love it and have collected a lot of money? If so, you probably know what to expect from trikvela. In fact, “Despicable me 3” is a little different from the previous parts. He’s funny, bright and positive, like both his predecessor. “Despicable me 3” is a good cartoon, it is, in my opinion, slightly inferior to the two previous cartoons, but better than “Minions”.

I think the cartoon should go to cheer. Colours are very bright, yellow, blue, pink and green replaced quickly, plus all the half hour timing are quite fun: someone is always joking, screaming, and playing popular tracks. “Despicable me 3” cartoon very dynamic, the action is fast, and quiet moments, where there is no screaming music or any of the characters, I counted only two. Not only children but also many adults should like.

The plot is very simple, as you might guess. GRU suddenly learns about the existence of his twin brother named drew, who they have shoulder to shoulder to go for a deal, and the main antagonist is Balthazar Break, the former in the past popular in “Hollywood”, but rejected and left with nothing, and as a standard villain, his dream was to get revenge. It is worth noting that towards the middle of the cartoon storyline is falling apart, and only to the end heroes back together.

The humor in the cartoon the most. Literally every replica of any character must always end with a joke. As in the previous parts, a lot of verbal, situational and visual humor. Not all jokes go. There are a lot of weak, not bad, but there are also very good. Personally, I liked the episode with Lucy and the girls in the bar, lured the younger of them, Agnes sign with a unicorn. Also great came very vital joke from the GRU about the fact that the unicorn, and end up with a goat. We have this joke I laughed almost in the voice, although many children do not understand its meaning. In General, even if not laughter, at least, the smile of humor should definitely call. The minions were good. This once again shows that these cute little yellow lovers bananas are good as a Supplement to the main storyline, like the squirrel from “Ice age”, and not as the main characters individual cartoon. Encouraged by the fact that “Despicable me 3” below the belt jokes smaller than, for example, in the second part, although the “Illumination” without them, of course, could not.

Lacked villainous soundtrack of the previous installments, even in a “Minion” is inserted, and then somehow forgotten. But other good soundtracks in stock.

Well, corporate laughter Grew — where do without him.

Summing up I should add, if you like the previous two parts of “Despicable me”, and trikvel you will probably enjoy it. If not, then go for “Despicable me 3” is a cartoon does not come as a revelation and will not change opinions about the franchise.

Go to the cartoon with the kids probably the most. He is cheerful, positive, funny and certainly will cheer you up. As I wrote above, the triquel, a little weaker than the first and second parts, which I personally think is the best in the franchise, but much better pozaproshlogodnie “Minions”.

8 out of 10

New review: Despicable me 3 29.06.2017

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