New review: Detective Agency of Dirk gently 10.10.2017

I wanted to see something creative and original. Long time no seen such a mixture of nuclear components such as: confusion, crazy, unexpected, fun conversations about the universe, interspersed with humor, time-loops and steep turns of the plot going into one, where everything is connected — this is stated constantly.

At first hardly manage to understand what is happening, just trying to get involved in everything that happens and just to be on the same wavelength with the main characters revealing the whole holistic nonsense. Yes, there are many oddities and Chudakova, but they didn’t irritate, all eight episodes I want to watch until the very end.

By acting, we can say that all the characters are developed well and performed at a level without any mistakes. But still I want to mention loser Todd (Elijah wood) whose life is flipped upside the head and an unusual detective Dirk gently (Sam Barnett) charisma and funny dialogues which poured as from a cornucopia.

In General, non-standard series in which all are mixed. The elements of Comedy, fantasy and even drama are combined perfectly with each other. Leave a positive review, the idea, the efforts of the actors, the picture stylish and attractive atmosphere. I think that the second season would be very decent.

8 out of 10

New review: Detective Agency of Dirk gently 10.10.2017

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