New review: Devdas 30.07.2017

The movie left a mixed impression.

What it is definitely great, so is the visual component. Outfits and jewelry heroines who seem to can be considered infinite. Stunning scenery — which are just stained glass Windows in the house or Paro shining zloty brothel. Beautiful and simple shots of the poses of the characters, facial expressions. Even small household items like lamps and bracelet and they look like works of art. It seems that the Director put the problem to create first and foremost a visually beautiful film. But the action itself on the background of these beauty looks stringy-slow, sometimes even boring.

The style the story itself is reminiscent of a classic Greek tragedy. The same pathos. The same rock that would dominate people. The emotions the characters are often hypertrophied, shown in the extreme. This is not said as a criticism, but rather as an attempt to understand the genre of what is happening on the screen.

In General I have the impression that for me the adaptation of some ancient legend from the movie, despite the fact that the action takes place in the 19th century, there is something very old, almost primitive.

Can’t say that I liked the movie. But it’s worth a watch at least in order to make up their minds.

New review: Devdas 30.07.2017

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