New review: Dirt 28.07.2016

The film “Mud” is a mirror where you can see a part of himself. Intrigue, scandal, investigation, sex, drugs — some of it is in every man. This film challenges the society, showing the level of human development. Well, let’s move on to the film.

Top 7 most interesting insights from the film.

1) the world is run by power and sex. Seemingly simple truth, but still in the head does not fit.

2) I Want to achieve something — falling and turning, and otherwise will be forced to lose everything.

3) Perverted tendencies are in Vogue. The book “50 shades of grey” will help to consolidate this conclusion.

4) People began to degrade, turning into “animals”.

5) to Kill a man is nothing. Moral principles have long been destroyed.

6) the Pig is better than a man, though awash in mud.

7) a Person does not save, if he does not want to be helped.

Summary: I liked the Movie, though, and not going to revise it too hard to see how people are digging themselves a grave. Great acting James Macavoy just struck me, as it could turn into a repulsive type. Bravo! It’s a real talent.

8 out of 10

New review: Dirt 28.07.2016

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