New review: Dirt 28.09.2017

In each of us, dear readers, there is a rotten subconscious side, opposite our exciting light and “clean” side of our subconscious. Sometimes this happens for a short time, and sometimes begins to dominate and dictate terms for an indefinite, long period of time on our consciousness and ultimately erases completely all notions of morality, karma, good. And at that moment the man enveloped from head to toe in thick, disgusting mass that sank and the protagonist of the novel by Irvine Welsh „Shit”. But as before, I’ll tell you about the film adaptation of this novel causes a stir in his naked truth about the human soul, which is saying the name is “„Dirt““”. The adaptation about a man choking in his own rot, gave us not so famous Director and screenwriter Jon S. Baird. My opinion about people who don’t like this film I will say:

-Maybe you’re just afraid to face the truth?

How would birth not drummed into your head that you need to speak only the truth and again the truth, I will disappoint, that’s absurd. Therefore, because of this, there are individuals ready to “„play“” people’s feelings and has done a terrific actor in the lead role James McAvoy. It’s hard to imagine anyone else in this role because of his play without a mental bastard, but with small gaps true good somewhere in the depths of the human soul, was just amazing.

“„You can’t trust anyone especially yourself“” this quote is from the movie shows us what happens if you follow it in real life. So guys, you can’t trust anyone… just ME.

Separate the rapture I have caused the selection of the music of this composer Clint Mansell.

What is there really to say if the film awakened my Muse and inspired me to write a review after such a long hibernation.

10 out OF 10

New review: Dirt 28.09.2017

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