New review: Disgrace 17.06.2017

A film with deep meaning, with the philosophy.

At the beginning of the film Malkovich appears kind of a lost sheep. He swims against the current, indulging a vulgar passion, and still manages to find an excuse. Not bothered by the problem of moral choice, he makes a mistake, and then we see what the hard interchange it results.

Although perhaps what happened to the hero of the film just a coincidence, and any connection between his past and present no. However, many of you probably are familiar with the adage “We attract what radiated”.

We choose to do good or evil, and this choice shapes the events of life. Our destiny is a match to our internal state, and, therefore, sinners receive immediate payback?

That’s comforting.

8 out of 10

New review: Disgrace 17.06.2017

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