New review: Dislike 11.06.2017

The first thing to note — the height, the fullness and power of the operator’s work. The film is shot so that even blinking is a pity, missing the fractional seconds of the picture. Draw in the precise work of familiar landscapes and fine details that make a movie like honest and understandable. The very title of the film — or rather not say. Dislike as it is. No more, no less.

The acting is at the same height. I believed the characters, I was even almost familiar. You will not see the drama with pretentious speeches, liters of tears, patterns and vibrant developments. You will see a gap the size of a dislike between people who see a problem with those who are close, but not in itself, but changing the environment keep drowning in your indifference and a lot of static paintings, as in life itself. Heroes share not only General news on TV, they are United by the emptiness in which they are doomed to stay forever.

8 out of 10

New review: Dislike 11.06.2017

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