New review: Dislike 12.10.2017

The film is positioned as a reflection of society, a mirror, a glance in which many will see themselves. Perhaps not, but it seemed to me. Apart from this, I feel sorry for those people who live as in the film. All the cliches in place — sales Manager, office, credit, crisis, family life… Sure it labels for a small percentage of Russians, but they so confidently imposed in the film, as if such problems affect everyone. And for me, these problems are unfamiliar strange delirium, a set of exaggerated cliches. That there is at least strange episode in the restaurant when one of the girls says “Selfie” and all jump for the photo. Attempting to show some signs of a society that time seemed to me not very organic and useless.

Think really makes, but personally I have such thoughts only led to surprise and confusion seen.

The result is a colorful quilt, which is absolutely not like the present Russian society. It may look like society is elitist, it is much closer to the filmmakers. Maybe it was created specifically for the jury of international festivals that are willing to believe in such an image of reality. Image, but not reality.

5 out of 10

New review: Dislike 12.10.2017

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