New review: Dislike 14.06.2017

I’m sorry, but have to disappoint many wonderful people who believe in the film raised the subject of General miscommunication is important for Russia and even then really limit myself, for the progressive and not very much humanity.

Really shows the ordinary case, probably typical for the capital of our country, but certainly for the whole of Russia. Adult spouses in good clothes and well furnished, decent square meters live quite comfortably: he with a young mistress, she with a wealthy lover. And each of them understands that this is the right, sensible way of life. Spoils the disappearance of a child, a 12 year old boy. And this, according to the sense of history, opens his eyes to their human essence, eternal values, etc.

Well, the creators of the film act dishonestly inflating private trouble to a universal scale. It seems that if the craze for the dislike is so typically, so important, so urgent, then why not take it to the realities of Georgia, Luxembourg or quite so friendly Belarus. Let viewers of these countries would see universal issue local flood sharp, focused eye Russian Director, and he cried out in horror — where we go, how we made all this, I confess! That would be a really cry for the whole world. And so it turns out that we are actively becoem themselves for the good of mankind.

New review: Dislike 14.06.2017

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