New review: Dislike 15.06.2017

With creativity Zvyagintsev I met after viewing the pictures of Tarkovsky. Swiping is widely known in narrow circles of the Parallels between the work of these Directors, I fell in love with that one that another. So this picture got me interested even before I saw her on the poster.

The linearity and stupidity of the plot, evidenziano pauses and the thin line of the film between the masterpiece of cinema and unnatural piece of cal – learn cinema? The description recalls the previous work of Andrei Petrovich – acclaimed and generated much more questions and, as a consequence, differences Leviathan. But what, in this case, a remarkable Dislike?

Bribe the relationships between the characters (“heroes” call them the hand does not rise), it is here turns the storyline, not slippery and remote image of the state as it was in the previously mentioned Leviathan. The Dislike is not who out there puts the characters in front of the problem, namely, they create the conflict that eventually comes to its climax.

Due to the strong and complex relationships are revealed and the characters themselves that are not jammed booze the entire film is clearly emerging and is so unregulated problems, and make logical and reasonable actions. With every new action the viewer deeper into the inherent atmosphere of hopelessness that is inherent in all paintings Zvyagintsev (especially early).

With regard to the role of the state in the film – it acts here rather as a metaphor. Thin and uncomfortable the theme of conflict between the two brotherly States in the film, similar to the relationship in the “father-mother-child” as a child I see the poor people that he became a hostage of inter-state conflict. In addition, the film itself is just as uncomfortable when viewing as avoided in everyday life the above topic.

The final item displayed is not the last plan Zvyagintsev, is society. Modern society shows a Director with a very dirty and mediocre side. All the people in the frame, including the main characters, paramadina development of technology, from excessive use which may conflict ended would their first stages. The viewer can only guess what would have ended the story, whether her characters openly and honestly with ourselves.

To summarize, I can not mention that I’ve tried hard (with sinking heart) and watched the movie, so my expectations were fully justified. However, the Dislike inherent, though small, but still noticeable sagging, including those that Zvyagintsev moved from Leviathan.

I recommend to view.

7 out of 10

New review: Dislike 15.06.2017

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