New review: Dislike 15.06.2017

Heroes “Dislike” — young, beautiful, successful people who live in fashionable furnished large apartment, they have a son. It would seem — what else is needed for happiness? And we need for happiness in love, except that there is one “but” — the characters don’t know what it is, ‘ve never felt it before and obviously never experience.

Boris and Zhenya live in their illusions, when they get rid of the “shackles” of his broken family, including a child, at once happiness comes, because each of them already picked out a candidate for a new life. Play a kid as a ball — “you have him” “no you” “so the child will go to an orphanage”. When the boy is behind the door hears all this and cries — the viewer’s heart breaks.

I’m sure many viewers inside would say to myself “I don’t want to be like that! I don’t want in my life it was SO” and maybe revised some of the views on everything. Many justify themselves, “I want happiness”, but when your happiness is literally destroying the life of another person — is it worth it? Moreover, the film — happiness is not. Will not, because man always remains himself, even if he changes residence, or the person who will be there, it will still take yourself is selfish and unfortunate.

What we see Boris at the end of the movie? Bloated, lost all landmarks in the life of man, which is exactly the same does not love your child. A very revealing scene in which he literally throws a crying baby into the playpen — and he doesn’t care that he bursts into tears. Moreover, indirectly, it becomes clear that his work still expelled — he lives in a horrible little apartment with his wife, child and mother, from the past, and gloss leaving only his beard.

In light of what appears to us Jack? It is running on a treadmill. Zhenya lives with her now 50-year-old man, and her life is frozen. She has said many times that the unwanted child ruined her life, and this child did not. If she has found long-awaited happiness? I very much doubt it.

Special thanks to the Director for showing the work of the search team. I always thought: why do these groups work, pasting ads, there is the militia (police), but thanks to the film, it became obvious how these people work and what a huge contribution to the people search.

The image of the girl volunteers that night went to grandma house to search for the child, the background gloss of the protagonist — also says a lot. You need to be human — is most important.

New review: Dislike 15.06.2017

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