New review: Dislike 23.06.2017

Style Zvyagintsev’s cold, dreary, gray and wet. Even someone will seem boring. Yes, the film is rather slow in some point to have time to get bored, but busy enough that it does not turn off. And holds this voltage on three simple pillars on which should keep any decent movie: the plot, acting and visually-atmospheric range.

The plot is simple and, in principle, easy to read trailer: the parents of his selfish desires and dislike of each other get a divorce, absolutely regardless of that opinion, and with the existence of a 12-year-old son, they have more enticing plans and their complex characters. This simple story is layered personal relationships with new partners, with parents, adults, socialogy, which succeeds so well Zvyagintsev, and career ambitions.

All of this exists not separately, but falls immediately, without foreplay, as in life, and the characters really live it. The acting here is awesome! I believed in all the hatred, all the alienation, all the disappointment, all the heat and the tiredness. The film is superbly strong scenes, which in my eyes were tears. Novikov (given that he is a native of the pie and this is his first major role on such a scale, I specifically checked) at the age of 14 is a better actor than many actors with the same experience on stage and in the film it is not much, but the talent is noticeable.

And the atmosphere of the film is felt from the first to the last frame. The film is slow, but occasionally it comes a new revelation, a new intensity, like a wave, and then let the slow steady pause. This color scheme also contributes to: vibrant colors, practically no weather conditions support emotional range, and the location is here mainly matching the cold gray story — forests and abandoned buildings, the rest is only for the rare emotional rest of the characters.

And the characters indeed are good. Not in the moral sense, and well written and played. They live such a characteristic, habits, tastes and dreams. Why conflict happens, what the characters are different, different desires, different goals and means to achieve them.

The film is brutal and emotional. He has a very strong ending, revealing the tears and unconscious sadness. “Dislike” leaves a residue, but this only means that the film has reached its goal and has reached out to the hearts of the audience learned something. I will not give out the details, because I want you yourself went to this movie in the cinema, or at least looked online. At least, to maintain quality of Russian painting (by the way, at the time of this writing, the film grossed 25 times less money than “Kiss” Gooseberry). I went to the movies not in the first day and was very happy that the hall was full.

Love each other! It is so important in our grey world!

9 out of 10

New review: Dislike 23.06.2017

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