New review: Dislike 28.09.2017

I wanted to see a “Dislike” by Andrei Zvyagintsev in the summer, when the picture was rolled in theaters. But for different reasons to the big screen never came. However, the desire to see the movie lived inside of me. Finally, I did it… and do not regret for wasting 2 hours of personal time. Can you imagine? Did not regret watching the RUSSIAN feature film!!! Moreover, I love it! I noticed as the movie began and ended. I never looked at my watch, I never was distracted by something third-party.

I saw the truth. Blatant and extremely unpleasant.

The focus of the ordinary Russian family — husband, wife, child, student. A woman wants to officially terminate a relationship with a man, a man not opposed to it. While the pair hides from the son of his intentions, but during the next quarrel the boy hears all of himself standing outside the door. The little fellow hysterical, he crying the whole night… Parents do not suspect. They are passionate about themselves. Like anything special, right? But the next day the kid runs out of the house and… disappears.

And then the search begins. Long and painful. To which they lead — can see for yourself (don’t want to spoil if you haven’t watched it)…

I was struck by in this film is that none of the main characters there is no love. To anyone. Zvyagintsev shows some frightening global dislike of all things. Neither the mother nor the father have no love for the child, each other, they also never liked (even in the beginning of the relationship). The woman frankly admitted that does not love no husband, no son. She says she wanted an abortion but was scared and bare. But when the first time she in the hospital brought the little boy to feeding it… disgusted (!).

It is curious that both main characters — husband and wife — go “left” (and they both know about the adventures of each other). By the way, the scene change show with special details (Yes, 18+). Do these people his lover and his mistress? Unlikely. Rather, they do it out of boredom, hoping that the change will save them from the routine. But it turned out, not save anything.

Dislike emanates from police officers who were first to rush to the search, but this whole situation even purple. “The boy run and come back”, says the COP. The only indifferent in the film are volunteers who are eager to undertake their job and scrub every inch of the city, interviewing everyone.

I wanted to tell the Director Zvyagintsev in making this movie? I guess that the main injured party in the relations of men and women — children. Although adults, in parting, do not take them into account. Supposedly, they are small and silly. But it’s not. Children keenly feel everything that is happening in their family. If love inspires them, dislike — mind-blowing. What happened in this film.

At the end of the picture show the viewer how to live the main characters. And they have… nothing has changed. They continue to lead their normal life. Empty and worthless. In dislike.

10 out of 10

New review: Dislike 28.09.2017

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