New review: Django 2: the Return 01.10.2017

After the events of the 1st movie is 21 years old. All the while, Django is living in a monastery, forever burying the past and giving myself a vow never to take up arms. But fate eventually forces the hero will return to the previous craft: it turns out that the daughter of Jango fell into the hands of cruel slaver and sadist named Devil, crossing the sea on his well-guarded ship. However, Django itself briefly falls into the hands of sadist, but safely escapes… To one day return with his old best friend — machine gun.

Still not clear why such a Western like “Django”, where in fact the main theme and the Foundation was brought to its logical end, the sequel? It is clear that money, but still remains unclear the long temporal difference between the two paintings. However, the second half of the 80s and first half 90s sinned all kinds of “sequels”, fakes and other second-rate trash. “Return of Django” got stuck somewhere in the middle — an unnecessary sequel category B, which language does not turn bad. Oddly enough.

Most importantly, the second part is not Western, but a real Thriller. Whole depth, thoughts, ideas and reasoning left in the first part, and here at the forefront of the writers put action. In the end we get a copy of “Rambo 2”, but in the scenery of America of the late 19th century, which makes the sequel very different from the original. In all.

As mentioned above, the action here edge. It is worth noting, the authors rely on the never-ending shootout hero in the best traditions of a typical action movie chops all right and left with the help of a reliable machine gun, and such stamps, like the invulnerability of the protagonist (in the first film the hero is not weak pokotsali, then but a small trickle of blood on my face will see nothing), stupid enemies that climb the bullets, in view of the inexperienced the boy was still there. Other “snot” and philosophical speculation if there is, they try not to pay attention. Does it make the movie bad? No. But on the background of the original turns it into a white crow, which on the other branch.

Changes were made to Django. Previously, it was gloomy vengeance with cold eyes, constantly indulging in speculation. Now this is a cool avenger, who does not hesitate to indulge in corona things with a brick face. For example:

– Why do you carry the dead?
I don’t drag, I create them!



– Love Smoking? On a smoke! — and puts in the mouth of the dynamite bandit.

However, to become cool before the end of the hero and failed. We clearly see that despite everything, he was disgusted to revisit the murder in his eyes and reflects nothing like humility. He doesn’t want to shed blood, but also realizes that in no other way. He also understands that the world from which he escaped and thought he was better, once again plunged into chaos, and the criminals and thugs will always walk on this earth. What to do with it? That’s right, to fight. To the end. What is the basis of the ending of the movie (this is not a spoiler), which in turn means a bunch of sequels. But it did not happen, and therefore the further destiny of Django for the audience left a mystery. And in vain — would be better if he remained completed their job avenger was safely retired.

A few words about the acting. Franco Nero has managed, once again, embody the image of a charismatic character, so to doubt him is not worth it. But Christopher Connelly portrayed, surprisingly, really cruel and cynical villain, which makes you want to strangle with my own hands. Rest no more than a background, from which you can select only Donald pleasance. It is a pity that his role is not very big, but fun.

“Django 2: the Return” is an attempt to return from the depths of Western old forgotten character and make him the hero of a typical Thriller in the scenery of old America. Happened? Unknown. I can only say that the movie was not boring, dynamic, playful, and Django continues to be one of the most important heroes of such films (in my opinion), which does not restrict to administer justice with a machine gun in his hands.

Another thing — why do this film needed was, if the ending is it does not portend of closed lines, but rather opens the way to new adventures?

No matter how — you can watch.

7 out of 10

New review: Django 2: the Return 01.10.2017

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