New review: Django unchained 03.10.2017

… I’m not great movies-movies-movies and critic… of course, I’m not a whale and not a fan of this Maestro as Quentin Tarantino. (And anyone in principle…) I’m basically in the movie, not much really there and understand. In my Arsenal there are so many fine words, framing which can safely be put on world high-sounding review, review on a particular tape… I’m not preparing for this for weeks… And this is me no one ever taught!

Just me — the viewer… and push, dear friends!)

But because of my not very extensive experience cinematic and vladeem me information, and I can say Quentin Tarantino is the most famous Director on the planet, which is always surprising, always pouring liters-tons of blood, gathers the most eminent and confidently standing talents of Hollywood, and yet, not so long ago, did “inglorious bastards”, which began the glorious and successful Hollywood career unmatched Austrian Christoph Waltz

… became one of the most striking and confident cinematic villains of Hollywood the last years. (and all because of Quentin.)

In the film “Django” Austrian plays close to you by Association — German, which, of course, not just… and and that helps in the plot, the same hero — bounty hunter Dr. Schultz. Dr, Schultz — personality — a very remarkable… (as told to Sam Schultz.) A former practicing dentist, he is now engaged in very useful and quite profitable — shoots by order of the state are not pleasing to him (the state) scum… Voplotitel bullets — Dr. Schultz! The same Dr. Schultz, whose image is in truth remarkable though that despite the ease of stacking corpses, the doctor never ceases to samestate in literature, always acts confidently and calmly, of course — within the law, German — prudent, and not imbued with a selfless interest in the dark skinned Django — the fate of which was dispatched in the days of slavery and the plight of slaves in the United States.

… and that Django is the main character of the entire tape! However, keeping mostly in the shade… But never ceases to be Central to developing the film events. And here’s some events! He had Django (even before his most effective way been delivered by Dr. Schultz) was previously the wife. He loved. With all my heart. And she was his, too. BUT! (conflict of interest…) Black slavery and lack of FREEDOM have shared their fate both to the fact without asking… what Django, never forget, always remember! And remember Django about it including when Dr. Schultz, once in the camp, asked Django where there is going to be sensible after an active winter. Of course (wouldn’t be the name of Christoph waltz’s second in the movie) Dr. Schultz is imbued with warmth and love to the dark-skinned Siegfried, that without the bloodiest losses, saved his Shield!

… A shield… that had a chance to play the star of “Naughty” Carrie Washington, which will be the main motive for most part of the film, which will captivate the hearts and minds of the husband Django, to its full and total liberation from the estate of the richest Calvin Candie, performed by the same rare as krovenapolnenia Tarantino, minor Leonardo DiCaprio!

Leonardo, as always discerning and unique, expertly and subtly makes it clear that minor role in what would be a movie for Leonardo — as honourable a calling as the first! And the role of the Leonardo here is, which is characterized by excessive cruelty, guile, crownest, callousness, but respect and mind… which role does not once again hints at the fact that she would come for no less honourable johnny Depp — as well as the transformations and their acting business! But with regards to Leo… Appearing near the middle of the film, his character becomes Central for the most part… Only releasing towards the end of his power… power to meet the honourable Samuel L. Jackson.

… still beautiful, tireless and a disgustingly wonderful! Overall, Sam, Leo, Christophe is a kind of way station on the road almost three hours of a locomotive moving from one station to another station from one iconic character to another iconic character. And if the station Christoph Waltz is the intonation! Leonardo is the middle. Sam and Quentin, of course, the final chords, the final station, which is not worse (except for the ridiculous actor, Tarantino) than more young talent Leo and Christoph.

… Quentin Tarantino, he reveals himself (well, as much without a Maestro!) at the end of the tape, in my memory once again begins smartly, turning the former activity in a two hour theatre virtuoso playing and creeping actions, and then cums thumbs up (… sorry, so epic…), but then again prolonging the ending, like sensitivity and wanting to fuck good for the last result, it turns a good film into a playful fantasy tale, what need was no…

… But that’s Tarantino, I’ll tell You… And maybe I’ll be wrong!

Tarantino (concluding review is not very clever and skilful censor) once again gives the world a picture that can rightly be called a picture of Tarantino. The picture, which is trying (specifically) to be conformed to the pattern of many films at times, but the pattern becomes. Director, to which stick merely the best. The best who take part in the legendary film Director of all times and peoples!!!


New review: Django unchained 03.10.2017

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