New review: Doctor strange 11.10.2017

I am a fan of the comic “Marvel”, and pass them filmed creations I consider it a sacrilege on their part.

A talented neurosurgeon Stephen strange gets into a car accident in which his hands get a serious injury in connection with which he is physically no longer able to carry out expensive major surgery. Broken under the weight rather than physical injuries, and emotional, he embarks on a journey to healing, which is becoming much more than I imagined.

Before the release of feature films based on comics “Marvel”, with many of the characters of this universe I was already familiar, but Dr. Strange learned only during the screening and release on the big screens of cinemas. After seeing the trailer to this film, I thought that the plot in the movie is so twisted, that much remains unknown. However, when watching the movie I, fortunately, convinced to the contrary, and the story itself was interesting and eventful, while not leaving anything unsaid. When viewing the actors involved in the creation of this film, I had no doubts about the acting, which, as expected, was high. Benedict Cumberbatch (“August”, “12 years of slavery”) was a perfect fit for the lead role and besides him, I have someone else in the role of Dr. Strange can’t imagine. Tilda Swinton (“Hotel “Grand Budapest”, “Mysterious history of Benjamin Button”), despite the unusual image of the hair and also sets a high standard for his acting work. Antagonist Mads Mikkelsen (“Casino Royale”, “the Musketeers”), who plays the role of “bad guy”, it turned out that it is necessary, it in his stead in the performance of Scott Adkins (“Undisputed 2, 3” “the Expendables 2”) was assigned a small role. Chiwetel Ejiofor (“2012”, “12 years of slavery”) also played at the proper level. Nice in the film to see Rachel McAdams, who after roles in “the wife of the time traveler” included in the list of one of my favorite Actresses.

To say that the visual effects in the movie “Doctor strange” was good, don’t say anything, because they were amazing, spectacular and mind-blowing that shows that the budget money wasted was not. Plus added to this is the gorgeous sets and costumes, especially like to mention the cloak is Strange.

Fans of entertaining fiction and comics “Marvel” “Doctor strange” view is recommended.

7 out of 10

New review: Doctor strange 11.10.2017

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