New review: Doctor strange 28.06.2017

If something is to criticize Marvel Studios, it’s their love for safe passages. Take for example “the Avengers”: the project was very risky, no one has ever brought to the big screen superheroes who received solo films. But is that an excuse for all those clichés and conventions that the film was full? A perfect example of their unwillingness to risk once again became “Thor 2: the dark world” — the picture is made of such “customer surveys” that many, including me, spat on the resulting.

Of course, this approach is easy to understand: art is art and money need to earn, you need something understandable to a mass audience. It’s hard to say whether “Dr. Strange” the most risky film Studio. Still, this is the first case when the Central character is difficult to name a superhero — he’s more magician, and compared to him, even Thor, with its specific origin, seems more appropriate for the previously mentioned names.

At the same of the “Strange”, perhaps, is the most traditional story of becoming a hero from every movie Studio. First and foremost it is a merit of the original source — a change from the complacent, not recognizing the intangible world of the surgeon in the wizard itself is very strong. Realizing this, the creators did a very clever thing, without finishing it formation one. Hero varies throughout the tape, but we make it clear that he still has room to grow.

Speaking of safe speeds: Benedict Cumberbatch was a little too obvious choice for the lead role. However, why reinvent the wheel? Of course, due to its popularity we could be watching more for the actor than the character. But, fortunately, nothing happened: we are following exactly what Stephen Stranger and not someone else.

In General, the tape strong cast. Particularly pleased with Rachel McAdams — really well executed pass superheroes can be counted on the fingers, and it’s great to see the completion of this series. Tilda Swinton as the Ancient Teacher also pleasantly surprised at her performance you feel the special excitement with which the actress approached for the role. A nice addition was the villain in the face of Mads Mikkelsen, although compared with the role in “Casino Royale”, his playing here seems even a little pale — but then it’s likely in the script than the actor.

Also about the script and the actors — hero Chiwetel Ejiofor, a devoted follower of the Ancient Teachers, and other Strange, seemed deprived of several features required for a really strong image. What happens to him in the end, is just a shrug — it’s hard to understand why he decided on such changes.

Despite the above quibbles, the script of the film is rather good than not. Is that meant to lighten the atmosphere, the jokes slightly disharmonious with what is happening, but by themselves they are not so bad. Importantly, the journey of Stephen Strange spelled out as it should — the main character does not doubt for a second, because the closer final, the more worried for him. And when he finds downright brilliant way to subdue the power of evil, which he does would not be able to win, it impregnated him with a strong respect.

Visually the film impresses from the first scene. That fight that was happening between the characters Swinton and Mikkelsen sets a great mood, which helps a dramatic change of environment, resembling what was happening in “the Beginning”, only many times more spectacular, and great use of characters of these changes to gain an advantage in battle.

But the music of Michael Giacchino (“Jigsaw”), who made the best soundtrack of all the films Marvel Studios, replaced by songs in the operating room Dr. Stephen Strange in and of itself, this transition is furnished extremely properly as the fact that in a world without magic, we won’t be so long. We have seen so many stories of becomings superheroes that tighten the part where we are introduced to the Central character before the “event that changed everything”, it would be unwise. Remarkably, the authors, led by Director Scott Derickson (“the exorcism of Emily rose”) is understood and serves the exposure is quite linked, with no frills.

Well, first of all, “Doctor strange” is candy for the eyes. These games with reality, as here, we can see is that in the film series “the Matrix”, and in comparison with them “Doctor” noticeable wins. In this case, and its stupid to name it is impossible — there and interesting plot moves, and for the most part correctly written characters.

Not even a pleasant surprise, and exactly what you would expect from Marvel Studios. Truly a masterfully crafted movie that shows that the producers of all these adaptations still do not think to stagnate, but continue to work hard to improve each new project.

9 out of 10

Review first published on the website IGN Russia 8 November 2016

New review: Doctor strange 28.06.2017

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