New review: Dogville 04.10.2017

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-People everywhere are equally greedy. In small towns they are still out of luck. If you give them a lot of food, they will gorge themselves.

This movie I have looked for the second time. At the first viewing I had mixed feelings, which tended more to the negative side. The first impression was deceptive.

A young girl, grace, departing from prosecution, is in a small mountain town, Dogville. Local residents reluctantly to Harbor a fugitive. But in return she needs to work on Dogville, to try to please his people. Months pass. Grace works for the benefit of city residents, and seems quite happy with life. But it turns out that her quest has not stopped. Now, in addition to gangsters, it is still wanted by the police. And here emerges the true nature of Dogville’s inhabitants, who are starting to turn grace’s life into a nightmare…

In principle, the second time, I began to more fully understand the full meaning of what is happening. Began to see elusive details that had not paid attention. Gestures, eyes, tone of voice. That’s because such details is the whole point of the picture. I would call it “cinema in the details”. If these things do not pay attention, in the best case, this film will seem bland and boring. And even minded Amateur. Most see in the movies only the picture (which is not here), but not used to pay attention to the depth of the plot. Here, apparently, and so many negative reviews.

If we consider this work as an experiment, for me it was a success. At first it was unusual to the eye that the shooting took place in the pavilion and the scenery is lined on the floor. You get used to it. Some say that the film pulled a Nicole Kidman, but here they are only partly right. The film pulled story line. No matter what great actors are not removed, they will not be able to hold the audience without a good story.

5 for the film, plus 1 for the shocking ending.

-Sits in your prejudice that no one, no one can reach such a high level of morality reached by you. So you exonerate. And it is difficult to imagine greater arrogance.

6 out of 10

New review: Dogville 04.10.2017

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