New review: Dogville 17.06.2017

Long overdue viewing of this painting, because it alarmed the timing, and theatrical production. Enough has been heard about the project, but still got together and looked at the tape, which is really the role Nicole Kidman is one of the best in her career.

The plot is very original and interesting. Theatrical production without interfering with playback. The movie was the best in its genre. First see on the screen of human nature, manifested in such an unusual way. These people on the outside seem like simple and normal, but when grace shows up the slack, too much care and kindness, they show their true face, whose consciousness at the level of the common herd, thinking and their actions are just disgusting.

The story unwinds quickly, a smooth transition in the plot, the events are developing gradually, slowly, at the same time to rivet the attention and not let go until the very end. The final picture turned out epic, he traced it also want to act like grace, taking not an easy decision.

Acting were excellent. All coped well with their tasks. I note several characters: a philosopher, seems to be a coward, not able to stand out among the herd, this was the assumption that he will take appropriate action. Family at the head of the Chuck and Faith rather disgusting, both cause rejection to itself, although seem not bad and sane people.

New review: Dogville 17.06.2017

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