New review: Dogville 28.09.2017

So, let’s get one thing straight, the film lasts 178 minutes. Of them, about 80-90 minutes, you will look at events which you read in the description to the movie. Think about it, as it should! An hour and a half you will observe the developments described in the description of the film. That is, in fact, is the same as to watch these one and a half hours, and then to include from the very beginning and re-watch them, but before the end of the film. The film is tightened so that the membership took the Director half an hour! If it suits you, if you need this kind of movies, — please, enjoy!

Well. A special look, unusual, interesting. The idea of this film very attractive. However, she realized, transferred to the screens — just real selfish, loving only themselves. Lars von Trier writes good scripts, but to implement them, it does not work, or work but very controversial. “Dogville” is recognized by many as his best work, but it causes a huge amount of controversy. The film flopped at the box office, have not received not a single award. Is it any good? It is popular among the audience, but even then he causes a bunch of controversy.

It is clear that the main disadvantages of the up — cast. In this respect the film are all excellent. Pleasant, charismatic actors, Nicole Kidman, Chloe sevigny gorgeous girls, very beautiful and attractive. They certainly are doing everything possible to this sluggish story, a little was interesting to the audience. If you watch this film only for the sake of good acting. Fans of Nicole Kidman should be pleased, given her role and style of the best works.

The main argument that lead a the story, its meaning. There are plenty of great films that speak on the same topics much more pleasant language. It’s not even in the dynamics of film business in feeding the story to the audience. You can find dozens of ways to tell the story differently. If you wish Lars von Trier would easily have used one of these methods. But it is not necessary. He is much nicer when the description of the film, corresponds to half of its content.

New review: Dogville 28.09.2017

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