New review: Drunk 27.09.2017

As the source material is a novel. Placing it at his feet, we already have the support to try to hang himself. But this design is rather weak. Take a videotape with the movie, put it on top of the book and try again. The shortage is equally acute. So no luck, had to live and it’s time once again to overturn the Cup.

Creativity is created the only way. In between the booze and the memory of her. Watching her on television, in the dim light of the lanterns and the glare of the night. Believe me, during a visit to the bar establishments are only images, which reveal much after, from the humming in the depths of the soul of nostalgia.

The theme is perfect as ever, nothing is able to get so to do, as the desire to immerse themselves in this atmosphere of dirt, lust, nervous ticks, and the ship’s trembling hands and the musty air with the chemical composition of nitrogen, oxygen, alcohol and sweat. Life has not awarded interest in reading books, readers which contemptuously is not pretty. Therefore, to compare the film with. Only with life.

So good. After all, the author of the novel compared it with life. The film is not a book, it is also from life. And no there is no double bottom. And not even dual footrests. Tape “Drunk” is a separate creative unit, which is ruled by night, which carries basement life and sobriety blurred head. Never felt better than this hypostasis of freedom.

She’s all that. The beautiful margins of society, the lower layer of the earth, like bats, the most fascinating in the dark. Those on the margins of society and lives, thinking of each digger easier thinking king of the mountain, but its thinking is the most pure and honest. There is no hope — life is romantic, like rushing through the Fort bridge train. Reset all and go with a long lingering rails, grinding the blade of darkness. Presenting this way. No way do not want to feel free.

Here reigns the atmosphere of unity. The viewer — one of the visitors, no matter how much you — you walk like an old man, unworldly, and found the answer in this bar. You have the most comfortable place — you’re a friend of the hero, he writes about himself and about you, he gives you a Scotch, you get excited and show him the thumb. We’re all friends here.

Hunting, after all, to make friends with Mickey Rourke? Lame, with half-closed eyes and waltzing along the bottom of the basement? So artificial at first, and so Frank and his at the end?

The kettle shape of a Cockerel left the stash. Any soiree. Be sincere at least to yourself.

New review: Drunk 27.09.2017

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