New review: Dunkirk 01.08.2017

If you saw the movie and liked it, congratulations you’re not aware already support someone else’s propaganda that you sell.

Before you watch these, you should at least see from the sources — that tells the story. Each side was ukrepitelnye line composed of bunkers, barriers, minefields, observation towers, barricades. They were called the Maginot line (France) and the Siegfried line. Spent incredibly many resources and services out a lot of money. A skirmish between the line Maginot and Siegfried was a stupid idea. Shells not all could fly, and send in the attack troops, meant to lead people to the slaughter. The Germans, having bitter experience of the first world did not go on the attack. The German generals chose a strategy of breaking through the Dutch forests. For the troops of anti-Hitler coalition was a surprise. The German army defeated the allied army consisting of British, Dutch and French.

What turns the film about how the British army flees from the battlefield, leaving all their military equipment: equipment, uniforms, rifles, machine guns, artillery, ammunition, provisions, and so Very heroic — it helped the Germans a little earlier to attack our homeland. Many young people were crying, someone thinks this film is a masterpiece, someone reviews writes that “they saved your life.” The film is fundamentally not true shows the essence of heroism. This is not a film fleeing from man-made or natural disaster. Campaign creators are not familiar with the term as altruism. Somehow the Soviet soldiers knew what justified a greater risk. You can fight death, but the enemy will not pass. And fleeing from the battlefield, throwing the rifle to save your life don’t understand this rifle the enemy will come and kill you and all your family.


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New review: Dunkirk 01.08.2017

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