New review: Dunkirk 26.07.2017

Finally had a chance to go to Dunkirk, which I was interested a year ago, barely hearing about this project, or rather, about participation in it of Tom hardy whom I am extremely fond of. What can I say, even my father, a man very level-headed, sat and gnawed his fingers from the tension, what I haven’t seen him in a movie I never in my life. That to me – my heart nearly burst out of my chest, beating synchronously with a clock counting down the seconds as the soundtrack.

Fear, despair, anxiety, sense of duty, resentment, shame, crazy, almost savage desire to live – all these emotions were able to convey without words, inspirational music and an incredibly twisted plot. There’s no specific title character, a few key – however, each person involuntarily experiencing vimesy his shoulders along with them.

The movie is clearly not for those who are accustomed to that happening they will chew and will present on a platter. Not for those who crave bread and circuses, blood and savoring the disgusting details. Not for those who are for the awakening of emotions requires the orchestra and tragic sobbing in the frame, all the drama, erected in the absolute. Most of the tense moments really filmed without sound, with vibration somewhere in the region of the stomach, very similar to the horror of the soldiers who really nowhere to hide from attacks from the sky.

The actors in the foreground look natural. The young behave as it should behave just young boys caught up in the war. Senior act accordingly to how people should act, aware of its responsibility and meet its debt face to face. We would like to mention Killian Murphy – he is incredibly good and his character has caused just a sea of sympathy.

Of course, all this is written even a few hours after viewing, but still in a state of mild shock and delight. This is the state that I haven’t been missing from modern cinema. Thank you and Bravo to Nolan.

New review: Dunkirk 26.07.2017

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