New review: Dunkirk 26.07.2017

For anybody not a secret that the cinema has long been unofficially there is a scheme for “preparation” of war films, which unwittingly maintains the majority of Directors when filming. Inspirational speeches, large-scale action on the battlefield, the actual computer effects with a couple of famous actors and now have enough to beat the box office, earn and people who would like something in this area change was not expected until today.

Came Christopher Nolan, who began his career with art house movies, then gradually with each new project more and more into the mainstream and has won a huge audience Christopher with each new project, looking for an original approach to the material and reveals characters not in standard situations. Now Chris has decided to try to bring the military genre something new and original, fortunately it was a companion historical event “operation Dunkirk” or better known as “operation Dynamo”. Event though took place during the war, but essentially wasn’t a battle and more destruction of the English and French armies by the Germans. Due to the lack of the basis of the full resistance of this material initially could not be filmed according to all canons of military ribbons — this project interested the Director and screenwriter Christopher Nolan.

The author decided to shift the focus not on the war itself, and its anticipation and study of human nature — most of the tape in the movie is virtually absent speech and music, and in the background the ticking of the timer and periodically hear shots of machine gun fire planes — this is the main soundtrack of this film. Soldiers are cornered, they are exhausted and do not know what will happen to them next. Most of them are already resigned to the fact that at the moment they are powerless and they need to wait their fate, the other part is trying all means to escape the cost of life brothers in misfortune. Where in another film it would take three pages of text to understand what they think of the hero at Dunkirk can be seen all on the fly — like you have the ability to read the thoughts of others. The characters empathize with each enemy plane coming to the beach is perceived as a real threat. This story certainly contribute to the great sounds and soundtrack by Hans Zimmer — this time not so bulging, but no less excellent. The casting this time was visited by a large number of fresh faces, but without the mummers has not been — Tom hardy, mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy, and Kenneth Branagh — all good as always.

Overall, Christopher Nolan’s got a great historical drama about the horrors of war without bulging guts, a sea of blood and irritable speeches. Watch is in the movie mostly because of the amazing sound having here is very important to create atmosphere.

9 out of 10

New review: Dunkirk 26.07.2017

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