New review: Dunkirk 26.07.2017

I don’t like military movies. Not love for his pathos, for the meat and the blood, the dirt, savoring the suffering and death. Don’t like the constant heroic overcoming of something and always on the verge of a nervous breakdown, almost in hysterics. Not for love is eternal “at any price”, not like a contempt for the individual, don’t like the contempt for the value of Life itself… I don’t like the war for the opposite of Life.

However, the “Dunkerque” by Christopher Nolan quite different. In it there is practically nothing I do not like. It’s about life in the war. It is not about the heroic people, but just about people who tend to be afraid of and so it is understandable to want only to escape. It is not about how such a military operation with the ever-pompous commanders, to talk about people — about human beings — as just “units”, as meat, while the commanders appear here. But this film is about every soldier, every invisible hero, so that even the main characters in this film are very conventional. Just needed someone to focus his view, his observation.

In “Dunkirk” almost no history, but there is a creepy, scary atmosphere. The chair of the cinema just cringe and flinch at every sound. There’s no blood, but death, the possibility of death is around you. Nolan builds a “Dunkirk” on the constant contrast of war and peace, when at any moment may come the other. What here war? It’s not hate-distorted faces of the soldiers opponents, not their commanders, and in the film, even the word “Hitler” was never pronounced, but it’s suddenly appearing out of nowhere bullets, even bullets, and traces of bullets and the whiz of the enemy aircraft, at the controls which is not visible to pilots. If the war is conducted not by people but by other forces, because the enemy is completely impersonal.

“Dunkirk” is a permanent fight of death and hope. All those poor young and such handsome boys repeatedly seek for salvation that every ship is hope. But here come the terrible clouds of the infinite planes, and repeatedly destroy hope and bring death. Simple logic does not give them any chances, but what is the logic against hope for life? They are as usual the ants build another bridge to salvation, to be buried under the debris.

War is terribly frightening. Bullets pierced the peaceful view of the beautiful streets of Dunkirk, his home, from which, it seems, can now leave happy life of a European, and the characters are fleeing, fleeing, on those peaceful-looking streets, where lush blooms green, where there are restaurants and hotels, where everything is for life, not for death. We can’t see who’s shooting, we see only bullet — death. Here the soldiers busy with something, well and orderly busy with their business — peaceful, in fact, the picture. But the RAID, the horror and fear of death, death and…again the same series, maybe a little less dense, the same job. It’s creepy: the world, accustomed to existence in conditions of war. This is only possible in a state of “the last breakthrough” and extreme, but depressed despair.

“Dunkirk” looks at the people on the ground, on water, in the air. Everywhere people are dying, and aspire to salvation. A lot of time dedicated to water: above it, flying planes, her ships. This ocean looks beautiful: sunlit, serene. The terrible tragedy played out. These little civil court, a symbol of peace, and that terrible work which they have to do. And in fact they do, they built: they return from war to peace, they are already one of its kind save even is not the body but the soul.

In this film, a lot of heroes, and no home. But there is a place of fear and despair, and hope, and madness, and valiant courage, and true heroism. People can go crazy from the war, and there is such a hero. People can just be themselves, not heroes, not cowards, but just myself, and these guys here too. People can be heroes, doing the little deeds, and such heroes here! They can perform their duty, and may call the soul to do what no one of them demanded. What inspires you in this picture, so that a large number of these “small” characters who all together make one great feat. Feat save lives. The feat for Life in spite of death.

“Dunkerque” features the amazing work of the operator and a stunning soundtrack. The picture in the film is not emphasized realistic, but nostalgic, with warm colors that so contrast with what is happening on the screen. We often see the events though the eyes of the participants: the camera can be on the wing of an airplane, spinning, confusing the heavens and the earth, can be in a sinking ship can be rescued on the ship. Picture of civilian life is terrible interrupt distinctive signs of the war: the unexpected bullets, explosions. The camera relishes death, although she is here every second, not relishing the destruction, but it makes you feel despair from the danger of destruction, not to admire them. The music in the scenes is constantly disturbing, completely in sync with what is happening on the screen, terrible, dangerous.

I do not know, intentionally or not, but all of those soldiers as heroes and participants of mass scenes, surprisingly similar to each other as brothers. You may remove them from this form will wash the dirt and again they will be different, but if war calls. On their appearance they cannot be judged, and only their actions and words make you see their personality. The soldiers are very young: scared little boys, often, early matured. And the older… These characters are like conscious call not their decision to protect those boys might not even be aware of why, but only wants to return home. Such a simple desire.

“Dunkirk” is not a specific story, this movie-watching. Observation of people during the war, for the war. If Christopher Nolan wanted to show the audience the war, to show how this is a terrible and ugly thing he did. “Dunkirk” makes all your soul feel what war is, and passionately not wanting. The audience itself there is. Watch movie cold creepy, scary, nervously. What is the “Dunkirk”? This is the clearest anti-war Manifesto!

9 out of 10

New review: Dunkirk 26.07.2017

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