New review: Dunkirk 26.07.2017

Omit the praise of Nolan and go straight to the point. People who watched “Dunkirk” in theaters, probably still can hear in my head those terrible explosions perpetrated by German bombers. Probably still hear the sounds from bullets in case of a small vessel, which was trying to escape the British sailors. What are the maneuvering footage of British fighter! The spirit was mesmerizing when watched as British planes circled over the serene North sea, trying to eliminate the enemy “birds”.

The plot

Nolan, despite the fact that decided to remove the military drama, not abstracted from his beloved chips — to show the film, deftly playing with the timing. We see three storylines. Each has its own timing. Events at the Mall in the besieged Dunkirk shows during the week, in the waters of the North sea — during the day, the air above the water within an hour. All storylines have their heroes who are trying to survive, trying to make its own contribution to the common cause — to save a few hundred thousand soldiers from the angry fascists.

By the way, the stringed instruments of the iconic composer Hans Zimmer is perfectly integrated into the storyline. When all three chronological strips crossed, that music has become the desired seasoning, which allowed the audience to say — scene was perfect!


Tom hardy has never seen so serious, dark and uniform. The last adjective is not an attempt to offend the great actor. Just have hardy had the role. His character, the dashing pilot, was forced to maneuver over the sea, fighting with opponents, and with the rays of the sun, and with his own fighter. We used to see hardy in a mask, but not used to watch such a dark and heavy way.

Finn Whitehead is the opening in the cinematic world. He played the kid Tommy, whom fate throws ruthlessly in the thick of the terrible events. A young soldier had to endure such trials, that’s amazing — really one human life can accommodate so much suffering?

Cillian Murphy has traditionally played a strange character. Certainly this is the type of the actor. Nolan always sees it as something unusual. Therefore, his character, emotional and mentally bruised soldiers shown in characteristic contradictory style. Like and empathize with the guy, and like individual actions cause him to reproach, to rebuke, sometimes to hate.

I think in 2017 has not yet removed better pictures. Critics of the “Dunkirk” probably surprised the chosen style of Nolan. We show not the characters, we are shown the events through which ordinary people became heroes! But that’s what I think the main advantage of “Dunkirk”.

New review: Dunkirk 26.07.2017

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