New review: Dunkirk 26.07.2017

Was waiting for this movie for over a year. The story of Dunkirk — one of the bloodiest in the history of Britain. Losses amounted to more than two hundred ships and more than hundreds of British aircraft. I imagined the horror felt by the British, which is continuously shot and bombed by German planes and artillery. It was possible to make a terrific movie, but…

The first half hour I waited patiently for some movement. Did not wait. No main characters as such. I don’t remember any names and I’m not sure that at least one name in the movie sounded. If all the characters in the story were wearing guy Fawkes masks, it wouldn’t have mattered. They are still faceless. Of course, the war depersonalizing, but not so.

No scale. German planes bombed like, but about some kind of continuity and not talking. Ships effectively drown, but four or five pieces. Oh yeah, here’s another: the Germans in the movie at all is not shown. And British aircraft able to fly for hours without fuel.

The strangest moment of the British in the hold of a stranded ship awaiting the tide. To sail away. According to him, someone shoots. Rather, the shooting — per hour for the shot. Probably it was the Germans. Why shoot? Where? Absolutely can’t explain. The firing frequency suggests that ammunition the Germans had problems. And with brains too.

In General, the film series “I will Not reconsider never.” Horribly boring, pointless and stupid spectacle. The horror that I imagined before watching the movie, turned out to be much worse than what I saw in this film. This is not Dunkirk. That’s a flaccid parody of Dunkirk sluggish sluggish Germans and the British.

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New review: Dunkirk 26.07.2017

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