New review: Dunkirk 26.07.2017

To make a film about the war — it is quite complicated. It is important to not only show those military events, but also to show the same because of what war has or doesn’t make sense, man. He is in such a difficult time, and what is his role? Does the meaning of the number, or is it only important on the battlefield? Christopher Nolan in his new creation, trying, as a writer, ask the viewer questions and then answer them. Some of them will remain unanswered, leaving a pleasant aftertaste and food for thought.

“Dunkirk” is not really a film about war. Nolan, as I said, like the writer managed to “write” a movie. Because when I watched it, I was simultaneously doing several things. Peace, of course. By and large, today’s movie is making me want to do them at the same time. So, I thought, suffered and enjoyed.

“Dunkirk” is an incredible visual pirshestva. The film is not full of bright colors, but at the same time it is bright and attractive. It is made in a special blue background, which, as it turned out, because for me it was a revelation, maybe the light and dark, and scary, repulsive, and pleasing to the eye. It is worth noting that Nolan tried to make the movie similar in style to old war movies. If the headlines on a dark background and the “rough” font, if the quality of the pictures with quality approaching the style of the old films, because in some moments I noticed perhaps purposely created lens flare. These and many other interesting points bring incredible delight for tired of the monotonous installation movies eyes.

To experience during the session had a lot. Almost from the first scene when a small group of soldiers just trying to run away from an open shot. And so the whole film, believe me. The peculiarity of the war the Nolan is that the enemy has no face. It’s like he’s everywhere — on land and in the air and in the water. The danger is the same heroes every step, but in the frame you will not see a single fascist. Nolan managed, given the lack of what is to be afraid to create such a wild strain that at the slightest shot, roar and just when every unexpected sound unwittingly pulled into the chair.

But thought about this and that appeared like while browsing, and after it. Nolan has created a really clever film about the war. Sometimes I grab myself thinking that distracted from viewing the chain of reasoning that one develops in my head. Do that for “people from above” mean these soldiers, if they hope that they have enough to get some tenth soldier shower? Why someone thinks not only about himself but also about his brother the middle, and someone just trying to use the same brother for exploration as bait? Why Home anyway, they left the island, or ran away why she is important just for them to return? These and many other questions after the viewing will confuse and interfere with normal life (at least so it was with me), but, anyway, it’s nice to know that the film was for the audience not in vain.

– Well done, guys. Well done, well done…

But we only just survived…

And it a lot!…

The cast was quite heterogeneous: from pilot Tom hardy, ending with the pet girls singer Harry Styles. Many other actors were not known to me before, as had a previous acting experience than perhaps Nolan decided to prove that expressive acting can be obtained even from all the ignorant guys.

Thus, the “Dunkerque” this is a very entertaining and memorable movie, one of the most truthful films about the war. He has everything to please the audience: a great story (in itself terrible), the great soundtrack, which even in the most peaceful stage to run down my spine, good actors, unique in its kind installation and style. I really hope that a few gold statues (and not only), this painting will take, and it deserves them. Nolan took a really cold glass a film about the war, about what really soldiers are the most ordinary people, just like us, they too can fear and worry. Each in its own way relates to the war, but all have one thing in common — they all want to, wherever they were, to return Home. After all, these people want more than anyone else in the world. A world without war…

9 out of 10

New review: Dunkirk 26.07.2017

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