New review: Dunkirk 26.07.2017

Christopher Nolan is undoubtedly one of the most talented Directors of our time. If you omit the slightly overrated “Inception”, we see a range of stunning paintings: “Remember”, “the Dark knight”, “Prestige”, “interstellar”. Nolan was not afraid to take on a variety of genres, creating amazing stories and raising various important issues for discussion and debate. Based on this, of course, the bar of expectations from the “Dunkerque” was high. Unfortunately for me personally the “Dunkerque” was a disappointment.

As is the case with Nolan’s “Dunkirk” came the next experiment. The idea is interesting, the entire film is one continuous action, that the audience is himself immersed on the other side of the screen and experiencing the events with all the soldiers. And if in the first 40 minutes it worked perfectly and I really felt the tension of the situation, already in the second half getting tired of this. Remember that feeling when, during the next “Transformers” the beginning of the action scene is a long one and a half hours and the incessant bustle and action of lost interest in what is happening? With a “Dunkirk” situation is similar. No intermediate scenes, some dialogues, exhibitions, etc. the Confusion discourages to watch the movie.

The plot is divided into three storylines: location “they Say”, which stuck to the soldiers, air and sea. But I did not feel the war, the same as the recent “planet of the apes: war is” lost transmission of the feeling of war better. Absent a full-fledged battle scene, but the enemy does not show us — sometimes it seemed that Britain is fighting with the air. The final was somehow crumpled and too conditional pouring over the edge of English patriotism.

The main characters in fact. I think it was done to give the magnitude of the events and to get the audience to empathize with each soldier. It worked not long, of course, fear and desire to survive is a natural instinct, but really it was impossible to do any more or less noble character? Fear of the pilot to return to Dunkerque’s not convincing, Tom hardy showed no games and stands there only as a PR move. The old man on the ship was too regular and undisturbed. In General, everything is bad.

Not one cons the film is made. Visuals, staging scenes and directing at the height of all in the style of Nolan. Acting also can not but rejoice, in dramatic moments, the actors play their roles and do it well. The soundtrack was not impressed.

“Dunkirk” came a weak film. I can’t say that it is an outright failure, but certainly not the best work of Nolan. However, to be the worst film among the range of about masterpiece paintings too. Disappointment is the word that describes my impression of the film.

6 out of 10

New review: Dunkirk 26.07.2017

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