New review: Dunkirk 26.09.2017

“War — a worthy occupation for a real man”

/Karl XII/

“I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat”

/Winston Churchill, 1940/

In the period from late may to June 1940 of a small town in the North of France Dunkirk was on the lips of almost the whole of Europe, but the special value it had for the British. Dunkirk — it’s a shame the”Albion”, which became his glory.

Picture of Christopher Nolan, the Director, who now is at the forefront of modern cinema, dedicated to these events. I had serious concerns that such a cinematographic way affiliated with the subject as the Second world war will be a bulletproof impregnated with a dismissive hypocritical patriotism crafts. Naphthalene exhibit, who immediately put in a Museum, I’ll give him 10 Oscars, and starring there will be African Americans (where the same without them, even if it’s British troops of the 1st half of the twentieth century), and the soldiers the whole film will only cry to each other, to make a long stupid speech to the end of some “eminent” critic scrawled a nice review in the times or the Washington post. The last of the above, of course, happened, but fortunately, deservedly and without the first two paragraphs. Fortunately, Chris can afford to be “intolerant” to transfer the historical reality. The one who hates modern pop culture, this empty gloss and pretentious affectations, for the film not to worry. It’s not here.

Before the revelation of the plot I would like to mention that some “clever” you in the camp of the Russian film critics (what a coincidence!), noted that to Nolan the topic of the evacuation from Dunkirk in cinema is not violated. Actually it is not so. Such a large-scale Kinopalats really was not, and the courage of Christopher Nolan as an artist, who tried as accurately and truthfully all this play, is undeniable. It should be reminded that Christopher did not lie openly revealed that the British evacuated at the expense of the French, leaving allies in the lurch. Such silence that for decades surrounded the truth about OUR world war II, there was not: a unique disaster, like the retreat of the Soviet forces in 1941 in the history was not (in local scale); that was a great level of collaboration and at the first stage, in the eyes of many citizens of the USSR the Germans had the laurels of liberators… Such an open lies to the West, as we have, still not there.

In 1958 the city was a film by Leslie Norman’s “Dunkirk”in which events were submitted somewhat theatrical, but at the time, so filming (remember “Casablanca”). Was other aesthetics, other requirements to the paintings, and although there was a great exception — “On the Western front” 1930, the year (which, however, was concerned with World war). “New wave” of the 1960s , he gave a breath of fresh air a more realistic picture of war and life. It was in this period comes the film Henri Verney “Weekend in Zuydcoote” (1964), where the main role is brilliantly played by Jean-Paul Belmondo, and the composer was made by Maurice Jarre (“Lawrence of Arabia”). The basis for the film was the eponymous novel by Robert Merle. In General, it’s a pity that this film is forgotten. He was referring to events from the French troops. In the XXI century about events at Dunkirk was a film Director Joe Wright, “Atonement” (the novel by Ian McEwan), where each frame is filled with color of life and spirituality, not to mention the luxurious acting of James McAvoy and keira Knightley. Also a documentary mini-series from the BBC, where the text of the author read Timothy Dalton (best known for playing James bond), and a key role was played by the then little-known actor Benedict Cumberbatch. So no oblivion Dunkirk operation had not.

Now as for the plot. In General it is simple, but simplicity does not mean primitive. Events unfold in a nonlinear three-dimensional lines: on land, at sea and in the air. I should note that I liked the storyline in the air, but I’ll get to that. The picture immediately throws the viewer into the thick of things: tell us nothing about the characters, about the events that preceded it — we just throw in the middle of started a fight. The film “Dunkirk” is a picture of the moment is an attempt to kristallisierte-minute battle time, the dynamic development of events. Tragedy, drama, surprise — all mixed up. Just very cruel, inexorable moment of the war, nothing more. The characters rarely speak among themselves. This is connected with a constant voltage and with unnecessary words as such. This is an important point of the picture.

On land, the soldiers just want to survive in any way. You’re not a man in the full sense of the word, your instincts are exposed: to survive, to eat, to be emptied again to save… Everything!

Relative to the air battles, it’s just amazing! When we are shown how to communicate between the pilots and during the next turn shaking all the “innards” of the cockpit with the instrument panel of the aircraft, and the bullets fly in life, and can knock out the enemy, and can only scratch the paneling… it’s scary. No wonder that during the filming involved a real combat aircraft of the time.

This picture you do not let a single moment! One critic aptly called it “impressionistic masterpiece”.

Surrounds us and anxiety, and hopelessness, and the desire to escape. At the same time something higher, our inner tuning fork (duty, dignity, call it what you want), require us to save and his neighbor, to risk themselves for HIS sake at HOME.

The enemy here as there are none. He looms in the background, only enemy planes in the sky show themselves. Soldiers of the Wehrmacht with almost no. This also corresponds with actual events, because many of the then British soldiers the Germans did not see, after all, retreated in a great hurry, almost colliding with the enemy.

This painting is valuable because we can feel the thousandth part of what I felt in this hell people. When you’re born, learn, live, but all this for a single moment of the war where you suddenly die. And more nothing. Perhaps you and I knew it, you were gone. And life is over. Absurd? But the curtain you have dropped.

About acting to say she’s talented would be an understatement. Just a copy of reality. In this film I didn’t see actors, I saw people who by fate was trapped.

We should also mention the music by Hans Zimmer. It doesn’t leave you even for a minute. And it is not music, it’s a mixture of sounds of a dive bomber engines, a ticking clock. Tick-tock, tick-tock… it’s crazy and reaches the climax when finally the fate of the characters among themselves for a brief moment of salvation are intertwined.

This picture is not positioning itself as an example of “pickled” antivenine under the order. It’s just a statement of fact. The terrible fact that every effort should be avoided and not encouraged to happen again.

New review: Dunkirk 26.09.2017

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