New review: Dunkirk 27.07.2017

Christopher Nolan is a genius?

For me Yes, except he’s a wizard who continues to make the top movie for their fans, I would call it also a man from another planet. For me his movies are a breath of fresh air, he has his own style, Yes he has certain people with whom he works, but it is foolish to deny his movies are at a very high level, how Nolan shoots shoots no. This great Master.

Though in the beginning it was not clear how Christopher is going to make a film on a completely different subject than what he shot before. Not going to rate the movie from a historical point of view, there are historians who think will understand the movie on the shelves, from the point of view of the visual component of the film is just perfect, the war at Dunkirk shown without blood, without meat, without the seamy side and tin, however, are very hard fighting, the film had not yet begun, and already there are fights, action in the film is very exciting, I especially liked the camera work and sound, but the first person in the air is the indescribable spectacle. How did cool it was filmed.

Dunkerque is different from the previous works, there is no philosophical dialogues, there are not paying attention to the characters, most generally do not have their history, very simple people who just want to survive, and it touches this film, simplicity, strong dramatic component, the struggle for survival of ordinary people fighting, I’m more hooked on fighting in the air, how cool hardy fought still in the air, and others too, of course.

Probably only Nolan, the film where the hero knows nothing, but still very much attracts the attention of his band, the tension is very strong.

Especially note the camerawork. Job Hoyt van Hoytema above all praise, since the Survivors I have not seen such gorgeous cinematography. For first-person special thanks.

Sound liked less, the sound of gunshots, and all sound in the tape was just awesome.

Do not forget about the great Hans Zimmer, who once again did a great job, at first, his music resembled the music of Nolinskogo Beginning, and then it became completely different.

All the actors made a great contribution to the movie, I liked Tom hardy, he says little, mostly fighting in the air, but how awesome it was to watch his fights were just gorgeous.

The denouement in the film is very dramatic, certainly not as dramatic as say in his Dark Knight and Interstellar, but touches it very much touches a nerve.

Really want to watch again this film to be in the place where ordinary guys fighting for their lives, where people are scared, they are afraid, they panic, they are hard, but they continue to fight for their lives, where people help each other, not leave in the lurch, Christopher Nolan again showed how to make a movie, without pathos, without vulgar humor, just made his little masterpiece and showed that any challenge him on the shoulder. Bravo, Master. Waiting for your new projects. You’re making a movie much better than it is.

10 out of 10

PS — What is it?

— Homeland

New review: Dunkirk 27.07.2017

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