New review: Dunkirk 27.07.2017

Christopher Nolan, once starred in a terrific Start, continues to disappoint. Stupid interstellar is replaced by a boring Batman vs. Superman, and now the war drama, which many have dubbed the worst film in the career of the Director.

So, a two-hour battle, the canvas describes the events Dunkerly surgery, also known as Dunkerque wonder, when Britain urgently tried to evacuate of 400,000 allied troops were trapped on the beach of a tiny French town.

The tape is incredibly beautiful — removed expensive, with great taste and love for his work. Here the plane comes into maneuver in the middle of an idyllic landscape, piercing blue skies, turning into the endless expanse of the sea. Here destroyer lurches to one side, so the next few minutes to sink with the epic, worthy of the movie Titanic. The camera pulls out of the panorama of the beaches, the columns of soldiers, frozen in suspense. All the splendor of the operator’s work complements the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer gravitating towards dubstep. Maestro this time surpassed himself — bursting shells to the accompaniment of tense music “beat on the ears” with frightening accuracy.

On the technical side, which will surely collect their Oscars, the advantages of tape over. The plot of the film is missing — literally. There is a feeling that the writer got sick and had to get out without him.

The characters are deliberately faceless — ordinary infantry just the same, to the end of the film I began to discern their faces. None of the character had no history, or little bit of the open nature. And the psychology of a viewer is arranged so that it will only empathize with such a character, which can be associated with them. The film very convincingly shows the desperate and frightened people, for the salvation of his life ready to go over the heads and corpses. Have very much did not love the British, to shoot a movie. Although creators are usually written with itself and nearest environment — then I have for Mr. Nolan’s very bad news.

In General, the tenor of the tapes that survive war, no matter how — is an achievement, a victory. What? Quite a compelling message for the era of postmodernism. A reasonable question about morality drowns out the cry of the fans of the Director: “In fact, everything was so.”

Respect “” weight issues — Yes, the film art, not a documentary and historical realism does not apply. However, mistakes like on the military side, and actual so many that they start to cut the eye from the first minutes, when in the Intro, why it is used a tolerant term “enemy” instead of the usual hearing “Nazis”, “fascists” and “Fritzes”. The Germans, by the way, the film is absent. The implication was that the invisible presence of the enemy, manifested by Messerschmitts and shelling must escalate the situation, creating the effect of “disaster movie”. In fact, this technique only added to the ribbon of the void.

Scale is not enough strongly — instead of an epic battle aircraft, where the Nazis lost hundreds of planes, three single Messersmith, against the same number of English Spitfire. Instead, the great British Navy — the lone destroyer. Instead of civilian flotilla evacuating hundreds of thousands — a handful of boats. The frame looks empty is inexcusable.

Watch Orgy directing skill Nolan is simply boring two hours of duration stretch unbearably long. The film breaks up into individual artistic sketches — sometimes successful, but history never tells.

In the end we have the tape, claimed the indescribable depth of meaning and a fundamentally new standard for war films, where in fact a few soldiers squatting on the pier under speculative attacks by German aircraft, and the British government, as forces, rescues her without the involvement of humanitarian assistance in the form of thousands of sandwiches with jam.

4 out of 10

New review: Dunkirk 27.07.2017

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