New review: Dunkirk 27.07.2017

Definitely. It would seem that Christopher Nolan is the man who wrote his name in movie history with Golden letters and now can relax on some quiet island, taking on one film every five years. But no. Time after time, the Director uncovers your camera and starting a new job, opening us to new horizons of his talent. At this time, the viewer presents the film “Dunkirk”.

1940, evacuation of allied troops to the British Isles from the French city of Dunkerque.

War is shown with an unaccustomed hand. The horror, the desire to get out of this hell, with no place for humanity. “Only the British, you have your court”. (Appeal of a British soldier with the French, trying to sit on a rescue destroyer). There is no place for plastic patriotism and bloody Gore for the sake of entertainment. Some, of course, complain about the lack of severed legs, hands and guts out. But their appearance would spoil the visual beauty that you have created a wonderful operator Hoyt van Hoytema.

In addition, we deliberately do not show the figure of Hitler and a swastika so as not to cause rage and aggression. But it shows all the rot and filth of the Nazis. Promising mercy to surrendered, they quietly shot in the back and shamelessly bombard the ships with red crosses.

Despite the apparent absence of the enemy, we feel him everywhere: in the air, water and earth every second. The viewer is not watching the soldiers, he tries to escape with them; so we plunge into the story. This, incidentally, is largely due to the unbeatable music of Hans Zimmer. She accompanies the whole film from the first minute to the last. (Watching the screen and listening to the music, I caught myself thinking that I have naturally knees shaking from stress and fear).

As for the actors… They don’t play, they literally live the lives of their characters. Cillian Murphy, Tom hardy, mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh has managed to prove itself to them and no questions. Pleasantly surprised by the young cast (including Harry styles, Fenn Whitehead, Aneurin Barnard and others) proved that you can play at the level, despite his youth.

In the end, “Dunkirk” gives great food for thought. Leaving the theater, you know that at least another five minutes you need to stay in silence and to ponder all this well. “My peers started this war. Why should children have to fight for us? We will not have a home if they are interrupted”.

Nolan has directed a really smart movie about the war without too much drama, pathos and notorious love stories. No words can convey the beauty of “Dunkirk”. So go to the movie and draw your own conclusions.

10 out of 10

P. S. the cry of the soul. Appeal to those who think the movie is bad (Yes, on taste and color, but still). I’m tired of talking about the need to first read the description of the film, and then watch it. But if you go to the cinema, relying only on their own prejudices, then, of course, you will be sorry about wasting your time.

While writing your opinion, came across a similar phrase: “a Rare choice piece of shit. Beautiful — Yes. Interesting — no. There is no one to empathize. Slag and garbage.” “”Dunkirk” — nonsense. Come to see the movie about war and heroism, and the flight looked hardy”. People have forgotten how to feel? You have the eyes of hundreds of soldiers drowning, burning; and you have no one to empathize. Shame on you, comrades. And war is not always the heroism, there’s a place and fear, and cowardice, a simple desire to save his own skin.

PS I’m not an ardent fan or defender of the film. I try to think as logical and objective.

New review: Dunkirk 27.07.2017

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