New review: Dunkirk 29.07.2017

Christopher Nolan nasnimal plenty of entertaining films for the script my brother and I decided to write my own. He wrote the script is so unusual and so he didn’t care about canons a century of cinema and the ancient canons of dramatic art, founded by the well-known Greek I at a certain point of view tried to pay attention to what is there at all.

According to the latest films, our “Genius” wants to be the new Kubrick, but if Interstellar is any side not left a Space Odyssey, how Dunkirk came close to all-Metal shell — this is a matter for discussion. Dunkirk just as the Shell sends to hell the main character and the story itself, that all the time to give to setting. The environment in this case, and the main character, and the forces of antagonism. And I think that partly for this reason the film may not go. See, for example, “critical opinion” tokhi Logvinov, he accurately described the impression of a man, the fourth wall between him and the film is not collapsed.

Nolan takes 3 elements (earth, water, air) and masterfully mixes them with only one purpose — not to let you get bored. Because of this, the plot of the film becomes outrageously rich and the rhythm does not SAG at all. In this regard, would like to compare it with Mad max, which was done this is a tremendous work on the rhythm of the film and concentration of the viewer. The Director, as if taking you by the hand and leads along the beach so that to make sure you didn’t miss anything, and since each frame is filled with an obscene amount of information you’re afraid to let go of this guy.

From the point of view of artistic expression, this film seemed to be important what he says, though directly, even roundnose, albeit right in the face, but important things. “Survival is already a victory” — the thesis is very cool, especially in the context of war. It’s not “Saving private Ryan”, where tearing people to pieces and guts fly across the screen, which is also nice of course, but Dunkerque disgusted from the war graceful. He madly plunges into a terrible situation, it presses you into the seat and really scary so that you’re ready for any action but would be crap in human history did not happen in any case. But when ordinary people, realizing what the risks are, sit on the usual fishing boats and save their soldiers in spite of everything, I was completely finished.

The film immerses itself in the jewelry work of Director, a Director of photography, sound Director, and in the first phase of the installation. The film sense of scale, trying to create something great and eternal, and it turned out or not — only time will tell.

Dunkerque is a film that does not need a critical opinion (especially mine), and need videoeasein which to talk about witty things in the direction of Nolan and how to focus on level editing. It’s just a movie-an experiment which has not been and never will be. But good or bad, let everyone decides for himself.

New review: Dunkirk 29.07.2017

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