New review: Dunkirk 30.07.2017

I have a favorite movie called “the Man who changed everything”. There is a phrase, if you try to apply it to the film Dunkirk, it would sound like this:

“Is there some kind of massive misunderstanding of what happens in the movie. And this leads to the fact that the people who come to the cinema to an incorrect assessment of movies… sorry…

– Go ahead.

– People coming to the cinema and buying a ticket, they think in terms of fame Director. You should strive not to watch the famous Director, need to strive to see a good movie. To make a good film needs a good script, good actors, good direction… Here you see… Nolan’s a brilliant Director, Creator of many masterpieces in the legend. A man who is worth $ 7.5 million per year. But when I see the film “Dunkirk”, then I don’t think… I don’t understand how this film can succeed. He’s got great directing, good tipo “tearful” ending, he can entice to the cinema of “intellectuals”, but is he really that good? Is it worth the rave reviews? Not-e-et.

Movie medieval thinking. They ask the wrong questions and if I tell it to anybody, I’m ostracized I’m a leper. That’s why I’m cagey about this with you.”

But if one were to forget that this movie is Christopher Nolan?

Unfortunately, the perception of the film changed dramatically. Come out a illogical moments, the lack of disclosure of characters, the inconsistencies with the timing, logic…

I almost left half way through. 1hour 45 minutes I watched as the British jumping ships from three German planes. If you add up all the invaders, will get that part of the English and French army (350 thousand people) and was heroically saved by 9 German planes. Saved to word 20 sailing boats.

I understand that Nolan. I understand that genius. It is possible that he wanted to do something new and unique. But I did not.

4 out of 10

New review: Dunkirk 30.07.2017

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